[How To] Switch from iPhone, Blackberry, Android to Windows Phone – The Ultimate Tutorial

Did you just bought a Windows Phone device, but regret buying it because your data, contacts and everything else is in the other phone? All you can think right now is, transferring data individually. What about apps? Waste a full day (or even more) to find similar apps in Windows Phone Marketplace? Certainly not. There’s a way to switch from iPhone, Blackberry, Android to Windows Phone device, easily. It’ll also provide you recommended applications for each app you have in your current phone. If you did not buy a WP device yet, because you don’t want to lose data – This is the time.

switch iphone blackberry android to windows phone

Nokia has worked with Mark/Space Inc. to provide a tool which helps in switching to Windows Phone devices. This is exactly what a user need after buying a new mobile phone. Most people don’t switch to another platform even when the features of the devices are better than theirs, due to this reason only. Recently unveiled Windows Phone 8 devices by Nokia, especially Lumia 920 convinced many people to throw away their Blackberry, Android and iPhone. The PureView camera is something you don’t get with other platforms.

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Note: This tutorial is for Nokia Lumia devices only. We haven’t checked it with other Windows Phones by HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers (yet). If it works with your non-Lumia WP device, let us know in comments below. Also, if you know more ways to migrate to WP platform, you know how to tell us. Meanwhile, we’re searching for solutions for other devices and we’ll update this post as soon as something comes up.

Minimum Requirements

Mobile Phone:

  • Blackberry OS version 4.2.1 or later
  • Android v2.1 or later
  • iOS 3.1 or later


  • Windows Users: Windows XP (SP3) or later and Microsoft Outlook
  • Mac Users: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard to Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • iTunes 10.6.x or newer
  • Blackberry desktop 6.0 or newer

Step 1 – Installation


First you need to download this tool and install in your Windows/Mac computer. This tool will help you to transfer your data from your current phone to your new Windows Phone. Though, there are a few things you should know. It will move contacts, calendar entries, photos, videos, music and apps – but there’s a catch. First, only DRM-free songs and videos will be transferred. You can always copy and paste them manually using the traditional way. Second, it does not actually “move” apps. If the same app isn’t available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it will show recommended similar application with QR code for easy installation. For example, if Evernote is not available, it will show some other note-taking app.

apps recommendations

Step 2 – Scan Personal Data and Apps

After successfully installing the software, open it and connect your phone via USB cable. It will then show instructions for your device’s platform. Follow the instructions to set-up your phone for scanning. Once done, click next and select the options according to your requirements. Click next to start scanning. It’ll take a while, may take even longer if the data is huge. When done, you can see the recommended apps to replace the ones in your current phone in the “Your Apps” tab. Scan the QR code using your Windows Phone Device and go to the link to install the app right away.

scanning data

Step 3 – Backup, Transfer and Finish

Now, you just need to transfer the data to the brand new WP phone and start flaunting it in public. On the next screen, it will ask you to sign in to your Live account to enable copying data to your computer. Be patient, it will take a few minutes to complete. Once done, you’re ready to transfer everything you had in your older device. Maybe Android, Blackberry, or iPhone – doesn’t matter. Using Zune or Windows Phone Connector for Mac, you can transfer the backed up data to your new Windows Phone.

copy data to wp lumia

Tada! You’re ready to throw away the older buddy and use the new one instead. Stalk us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to get more useful updates and tips.