How To Find Ideas To Blog About? (Write Articles or Posts)

If you are a Blogger or Article Writer, and have been the same for a while, you probably know the situation when you keep staring at the screen thinking ‘what to write about?’ – It’s absolutely normal. Every writer out there, whether professional or newbie, face the writer’s block situation at least once. You just need to learn how to find ideas to blog about and then, you will have loads of articles and posts for your readers. The list can be so much longer, that you will be unable to write about everything in it. Just follow these tips, bookmark this page and keep checking it in every few days so that you don’t miss even a single way to get blog post ideas.

P.S. At once, it may seem like these tips are not useful at all. These points might look ‘ordinary’ or ‘not related to topic’ but believe me, that’s all you need to get a long list of unique titles for your blog. Each and every tip given here works, not for a handful of people but for everyone – no exception.

find ideas to blog about

1. See What People Are Talking About, In Real-Time:

The best way is to check what people are doing right now, and by “people” I don’t mean one or two, but all of them. Check the trending links, topics, videos, etc. Trending topics is a great way to find exactly “what” is popular right now. Many websites are available out there where you can find the popular topics, here is a list of some frequently used sites:

2. Get Ideas Mailed To Your Inbox:

Google Alerts is a free service which allows you to select a query of your choice and the type of results you want like, News, Blog, Video, Books, etc. and you will get the results mailed your inbox automatically. You can change the frequency of the mails and results per mail, as per your needs. Once you set-up an alert, the mails you receive will serve as a medium of ‘ideas’ – find some inspiration from them, and start writing.

3. The More You Read, The More You Write:

You may wonder how reading will help you in getting ideas to write about, but It will. . . A lot. Regularly read blogs in you niche, magazines, articles in newspapers, etc. Best way is to follow top blogs related to your niche and read them regularly, try to figure out what they write about and get some inspiration. Remember, DO NOT COPY! Write your own work, copy-paste is for retards. It simply kills your creativity and it’s wastage of time. If you copy, sooner or later, Google and other search engines will find out and kill your site. If you still want to copy others’ work, please don’t call yourself a “Blogger” or “Content Writer” and insult the whole community. Be Original, Happy Reading!

4. Reading Doesn’t Help? No Problem!

If reading doesn’t help you, or sometimes you might feel lazy – it happens. Switch to videos in that situation. Watch TV shows, browse YouTube and other video sites, or check out the ‘videos’ section of some sites. Sometimes even movies can help, ‘sometimes’.

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5. Post A Review:

When Nothing is there, there is always a product which needs a review, but it depends what you write on your blog. If you write about gadgets, review a gadget like, mobile, laptop, or anything. Write about books? review a book! Movies? . . . depends on your blog. If you never wrote any review here is a tip, a review of anything starts with a quick introduction about the product followed by what’s good in it and then what’s bad – positive and negative features, in simple language. Then, price and availability and conclusion. A review should contain your unbiased facts which can help others to know about that particular product. Please note, that the so-called ‘format’ may change according to the product.

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6. Q&A Sites And Forums:

There are many sites where people ask their questions, and others answer them. Some popular ones are Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, AskMeFast, etc. Browse questions related to your blog on these sites, make a list. Put the topics on high priority, about which people asked more questions, more frequently and others at the bottom. You can get a huge list of “How To’s” from these sites. Even forums are a good source of questions, check out the most active forums and increase your list of titles.

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7. Share Your Experience:

If you blog about “blogging” or related stuff, you just need to think about the time when you started blogging. Definitely you have faced many problems in the initial days, sometimes you just get stuck with an error and it takes a whole day to figure out what happened. Share it! Open a notepad document or anything, and start typing the problems you faced, no matter how ‘small’ they look to you now – write them. Someone, somewhere is going through the time you already passed, they need your help. By the way, this post is an example – I am sharing my experience.

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8. Stumble Through Random Articles:

StumbleUpon is a great source, just choose the categories you are interested in and start stumbling. You will find many topics and ideas to blog about. You can also submit your articles on StumbleUpon, someone else will get inspired hopefully.

9. Preserve Your Ideas:

Now you have some titles for your upcoming articles, save them! Don’t think that you’ll remember them or you’ll search for them the next time you need some idea for a post – It kills your efficiency. Create document in Google Docs or on your computer, make a list and save it. I would recommend you to dedicate a whole day to this work only, “getting ideas”. Trust me, at the end of the day you will have a HUGE list of titles. The list will be enough for many days, plus it will save your time. Whenever you feel like writing something, just check the list, select a title and start writing.

These are some of the ways I use to find ideas to blog about (blog posts), hope you will gain something. How do you get ideas for articles on your blog? Share with us in your comments below.