Unlocking AT&T iPhone 5 – Useful Tips

AT&T has been on the mobile carrier business for years and has made a name for itself in the industry. There are thousands of happy customers and the list is growing longer with each passing day. That being said, choice of all of the mobile users cannot be same and this is applicable to the iPhone users as well.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5

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An iPhone locked to AT&T cannot satisfy all the users and hence many look out for ways to unlock the same and use it with other mobile carriers. To check out on ways to unlock the iPhone fast, you may go through this: How to unlock your AT&T iPhone without delay – DigitalJournal. There are plenty of iPhone unlocking service providers to choose from and to help you with perfecting the selection procedure; here are some tips for you:

Check if the New Carrier is Compatible with your iPhone 5

This is probably the very first step that you need to take before starting the unlocking process. If you have already made up your mind on selecting a specific mobile carrier, check whether your iPhone 5 is compatible with the same or not. If you are not getting any solid information on this, you should directly get in touch with the customer support team of the mobile carrier.

Choose the iPhone Unlocking Service Provider Wisely

Not all of the iPhone unlocking service providers out there support iPhone 5, so make sure that the one you have chosen does.

In addition to that, check if the provider gives money back guarantee or not. Off late, many such providers have not really been able to satisfy their customers and you should not be paying for something that you didn’t want at the first place!

Be Very Cautious if you have a Used iPhone 5

Remember, it’s important that you get the payment receipt and all the required documents from the original buyer when you get hold on the iPhone 5. This is required to get you verified in the IMEI database that Apple has. However, a verified and legal iPhone 5 unlocking service provider can help you even if you don’t possess the original receipt. Still, it is advisable that don’t buy a used iPhone 5 unless you get a hold on the original payment receipt to save yourself from future trouble.

Run a Locking Status Check

Make sure to run a locking status check in the Apple database. If the iPhone 5 you possess is already marked as lost or stolen over there, things can get problematic for you.

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