5 Newbie Friendly Tips and Tricks for Android Tablet Users (Jelly Bean)

Most of the new Android tablets today are preloaded with Android Jelly Bean operating system, latest version of Android by Google which has been gaining a lot of popularity since its launch in July 2012. It provides butter smooth experience along with a bunch of new features to the user. It comes with a new feature called Google Now, which allows personalized recommendations and gives results based on your past searches & interest.

cheap tablet pc with JB

Lot of upgradations have been done on Jelly Bean ever since its launch, so not only is it smooth but saves a lot of CPU time by being quick in processing applications. There are lot of widgets available to install on Android which will provide a classy look while giving helpful information. Some of the widgets can be added even to locked screen. Thus, whenever you wish to see time or calendar events you don’t need to unlock the phone or tablet – The lock screen shows what you need. Below are some of the best tips and tricks for Android tablet to help you while working on the device and gain its full potential.

1. Battery Life

battery backup on tablet pc

Generally a tablet runs multiple apps at a time and the downside is that the battery life is affected. To improve the battery life you can keep a check on some of the available settings on Android. For example, keep the screen brightness on automatic mode or as minimum as possible. High brightness will use up unnecessary power, resulting in reduced battery backup. Similarly, when you’re not using Bluetooth, WiFi or 3G, you should turn them off. You can put WiFi in sleep mode, and it will turn off automatically after a specific interval when the device is off. These simple setting changes will make a considerable difference in power consumption.

2. Voice Command

google now voice command

You can use Google now on new Android tablets to perform voice searches. This will save a lot of time. In fact, it has applications to help blind people where in it will speak out all the activities happening on the tablet. It can even take braille input and output.

3. Applications

There are thousands of apps available on Google Play and at times we end up downloading unnecessary apps. These apps keep running in the background and eat up the precious battery and RAM. Applications running in background may also use 3G for various stuff and you may not even realize. You should uninstall apps which you don’t need anymore to save resources. To do so, go to application settings and uninstall the ones you want.

4. Backup

Be sure to use the amazing Google cloud facility to keep regular backups or application data. You can even share the files with cloud facility. Though you can still connect the tablet with USB cable and take a backup by drag and drop. Taking backup will save your data in case the tablet crashes or data loss.

5. Additional Features

It has lot of features like you can capture still images while recording a video, simultaneously. You can unlock the tablet by scanning using the front camera. Unlocking the tablet can also be done by blinking your eyes (device specific). All the notifications will appear on the top and can be easily accessed, or removed simply by swiping in either direction. Even the cheap tablet PCs these days are loaded with various unique features. You can change the settings if you do not want to get disturbed by regular notifications. You can also take screenshots by pressing volume down (or home button) and power key together, which can then be easily shared with your friends.

If you know more tips & tricks for newbie Android tablet users, or have any questions, feel free to post them in your comments below.

This is a guest article by Yogesh Mankani. You can also write for Creotix Tech.