Blow to Stalkers! Here’s How to Keep WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ Time-stamp Unchanged on Android

“There are vampires. They are real, they are of our time, and they are here, close by, stalking us as we sleep…”  ― Nicky Raven, Dracula.

Do you also have a vampire in your WhatsApp contacts (No offense vampires)? Sorry, I mean a desperate vampire, like Edward Cullen. Or maybe just a friend who is always bugging you to reply to their useless stupid messages as soon as you go online on Whatsapp? And you can’t block that person because “har ek friend zaroori hota hai” (every friend is necessary).

whatsapp last seen timestamp unchanged

That’s just one out of a million reasons why you would like WhatsApp developers to remove the ‘last seen’ time-stamp from the app. While some people (mostly stalkers) like that time-stamp, a substantial number of people (myself included) just hate it.

Some people not just like this feature, but want it to get ‘better’ (in their terms):

sort by last seenThen there are people who hate it, and make jokes…

whatsapp last seen jokeAnd more jokes…

hindi song whatsapp last seen

If you didn’t get the last one, just ignore it. Its translation won’t sound funny at all.

Jokes apart, let’s get back to topic. How do you hide, or fake the ‘last seen’ time-stamp in WhatsApp for Android? It’s pretty simple actually.


  1. Turn of WiFi and/or mobile data pack.
  2. Open WhatsApp.
  3. Check messages, type and send replies. The message won’t be delivered now of course. But don’t worry, just follow the next step.
  4. Close WhatsApp.
  5. Turn WiFi/data pack back on.

Now, what actually happens when you do this? Why the ‘last-seen’ time-stamp doesn’t update?

How it Works?

To get this, you must first understand how WhatsApp works. As soon as you open WhatsApp, it changes your status to “online”. And when you close it, a time-stamp is set which then shows up as, say “Last seen at 8:42 PM”. This change only happens if you’re connected to the internet. This is why you must disable all internet connectivity options.

But… How can it send a message when internet is disabled? Simple, it does not sent the message – until you enable the internet connection. Since you turn on the data pack after you’ve closed WhatsApp, the time-stamp remains unchanged, but your message is sent in the background.

Tip: You can also use airplane mode toggle to turn on/off all wireless connectivity at once.

…And one more quote about stalking.

“I had taken the photograph from afar (distance being the basic glitch in our relationship), using my Nikon and zoom lens while hiding behind a fake marble pillar. I was hiding because if he knew I’d been secretly photographing him for all these months he would think I was immature, neurotic and obsessive.
I’m not.
I’m an artist.
Artists are always misunderstood.” ― Joan Bauer, Thwonk.