5 Basic Internet Tips and Tricks Everyone MUST Know!

There are numerous internet tricks that can help you to improve the browsing experience. Internet has played a huge role in speeding up human life in every possible field. Now in order to pace up things further, you need to know some more tricks that will help you to get the best results.

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Tip #1 – Use the Search Engine Properly

The use of the search engines is almost a necessity in today’s world. A proper search can certainly help you to get the best results and thereby suffice your own needs the most important thing that one needs that searching with proper keywords is a necessity. Without that you will not be able to get the desired results. Often it is seen that surfers look for something but they get different results. Now there is a way in which you can bridge the gap. Supposing, you are searching for the keyword computer courses and do not find the desired results. Try it by putting the keyword within quotes. That will bring up those pages that have computer and courses together. Another way to refine your search is to search like this: computer+courses. That too will help you in locating pages that have relevant information on that.

Tip #2 – Change your Browsing Experience

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The browsing experience can be easily changed by choosing a well-equiped browser. A good browser will certainly help in making your browsing experience more fruitful and convenient. Certain browsers come by default with certain Operating Systems such as IE with windows. You can easily download a free copy of other browsers that offer a plethora of features such as chrome, Mozilla and others. In slow connections there is nothing as helpful and effective as the Google Chrome.

Tip #3 – Install Browser and Plug-in Updates

It is a good idea to install all the browser and plug-in updates. The latest updates are well equipped to protect your computer from any sort of security threats. There are numerous updates that you will find periodically. The latest add-ons will add more utility features to your browser making it complete. The best part of installing it is that you will be able to enhance your browsing experience to a great extent.

Tip #4 – Moving Swiftly Between Various Tabs and Fields

Using the keyboard is a great way to make the process of online form filling or e-mailing much quicker. If you are filing a form or appearing for an online examination you cannot afford to go slow. So use the tab key and the shift + tab key to move between the various fields with much more efficiency.

Tip #5 – Typing Web Address more Quickly

Typing web addresses on the address box can be a long process. You can simply type the name of the website and hit enter. The browser will automatically put the rest of the things and start searching. You can also press ctrl key along with enter, and the browser will automatically add “.com” and open the website. For example, try typing creotix and press ctrl + Enter key.

These are some of the basic yet effective tips that you need to keep in mind in order to enhance your browsing experience and efficiency. If you know more advanced or basic internet tips and tricks, let us know in your comments below.

This is a guest post by Sanjib Saha. You can write for Creotix Tech too.