3 Things to Know for High Speed Internet

In this day and age, it could be said that Internet is everything. So much more than just email and web pages, your Internet connection provides you access to video, music, games, news, social media, and almost endless other possibilities. While many consumers do a good deal of their computing on mobile phones, the home high speed Internet connection remains the most important means of transmitting data on all of your devices that connect to the web. It is essential, therefore, that you have the best Internet plan that you can get. Here are a few of the must-have’s that you should demand from your home Internet service provider.

High Speed Internet

1. Online Protection

Most Internet users around the world, even those who don’t consider themselves “computer savvy,” use the web to transmit important information that they would like to remain confidential. Whether it’s your credit card numbers when you are buying a new pair of shoes online or your social security number when you are registering to vote, you want to be 100% sure that the only people who are able to see your personal information are you and the person or company you’re sending it to. Online protection is a difficult topic to understand when there are so many different types of high speed Internet technology. When it comes down to it, however, certain methods of connecting to the web are safer than others. Cable Internet, for instance, often connects your home network to several other networks in your neighborhood as the data travels back and forth between your Internet provider. This shared network can be compromised, which can put you at risk for data theft. Newer Internet technologies, like the fiber optic service provided by AT&T U-verse, guarantee you a private line of communication between your home and your service provider, which makes it the safest type of Internet service currently available. You can find out if U-verse service is available for your home by visiting a website like ATTSavings to learn more.

2. Seamless Data Streaming

There is a seemingly infinite amount of content available on the Internet that you can stream to your personal devices. From movies and TV shows available through Netflix and Hulu Plus to music from services like Spotify, streaming is quickly replacing downloading as the preferred method of data delivery. Because of this trend, you need your Internet service to give you fast and seamless data streaming whenever you want it. Certain types of technology provide fast speeds at some times of day but get bogged down when there are other people in your vicinity trying to use the web at the same time as you. To avoid the constant threat of your video lagging or your Skype call dropping, you should seek out an Internet service that offers consistently fast speeds at all times of day and regardless of how much data your neighbors are consuming.

3. Virtually Unlimited Email Storage

Space to store your files in the cloud once came at quite the premium. Email accounts would fill up, and you would be left with the quandary of what to delete to free up more room. As technology has progressed and cloud storage has become more of an essential part of the computing process, most companies have begun to offer users increasingly more storage for free—especially when it comes to email. The advancement has now reached the point where you should never use an email service with storage restrictions as your primary account. Opt instead for a high speed Internet provider that gives you virtually unlimited email storage so that you can keep all the emails you need for as long as you want.

Make the Switch

If you are realizing that your current high speed Internet service provider leaves something to be desired when it comes to these most important features, now might be the perfect time for you to switch to a different company. Don’t sell yourself short and miss out on the full Internet experience. Find out what the best service provider is for your home today.