Best YouTube Tech Channels You Must Watch!

We understand better when we see and hear, instead of reading something. It’s a human psychology that we don’t always understand completely what we read, it’s kind of boring and time-consuming to read about everything you want to know. Sometimes it is better to watch and listen to save time and understand better. Can you know how a mobile phone looks like just by reading about it? Can you determine the sound quality of a brand new speaker without listening something on it? Certainly not.

best youtube tech channels

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So, here is a list of best YouTube tech channels you can’t miss to subscribe. These channels will provide you videos related to latest updates about technology, mobiles, gadgets, etc. and reviews by experts. Basically, these channels are enough for you to stay updated about recent happening in the technology sector, mobiles and all. Here we go!




World’s top blog Mashable, gets more than 20 million unique visitors per month. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best place to know not just about technology and social media but more than that. Pete Cashmore founded it in 2005.

Stats: More than 25 thousand subscribers and 18 million video views.

Mashable’s YT-C



engadgetEngadget was started in 2004 in partnership with Weblogs, Inc. Network. It covers everything about gadgets and consumer electronics. It is the right place for you if you’re a gadget-geek, you can watch hands on reviews of almost every latest consumer electronic and gadget.

Stats: More than 26,000 subscribers and 23 million video views.

Engadget’s YT-C

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You can find awesome tips and tricks for doing things easily. This channel is very useful and also some videos are fun to watch. Really you shouldn’t miss this one. The best part is, it will not flood your feed every now and then. Videos are added every Wednesday only on this channel.

Stats: 55 thousand subscribers and 18 million video views.

LifeHacker’s YT-C


eHow Tech


You destination for How-To’s and technological stuff. Great tips and tricks for your needs. You can watch videos from “How to color your fingernail” to “How to create your own micro chip” – just everything.

Stats: 22,000 subscribers and 14.5 million video views.

eHow Tech’s YT-C


PC World


pc world

PC World Videos is one of the best YouTube channel, which upload videos related to product reviews, news and tutorials. Tutorials about How-To’s, step-by-step guide, tips and tricks, etc.

Stats: 11 thousand subscribers with 10 million views.

PC World Videos


Google Tech Talks

google tech talks

Google Tech Talks is a program at Google to share information about technology to the community. Though, the frequency of video uploads is relatively low, but it’s useful for technical community out there.

Stats: Massive 94,000 subscribers and 24 million views total.

Google Tech Talks YT-C




This YouTube channel has the highest subscribers and total views in our list. Why is this so popular? It is best for software recommendations, How-To’s and tech topics. Chris Pirillo is the man behind this channel and its website.

Stats: Super 185,000 subscribers with total 138 million video views.

LockerGnome YT-C

Which one is the best according to you among these? Any other YouTube tech channels you would like to be in this list? Tell us in your comments.