18 Best Animated GIFs for Google+ Cover Photo

Google recently rolled out a few changes to Google+, which includes profile page redesign. We’ll just focus on one such change – Cover Photograph. You can now add bigger (I mean really big) photos, and even animated GIF images! If you see the new layout properly, you’ll notice that it’s very similar to that of Facebook (bah! Who cares?). Now, if you can be creative – or funny – you can use this feature very well. Or you can save your time and just choose the one you like from the list of best animated GIFs for Google+ cover photo showcased below.

Google+ Cover Animated GIF Photos

Well, I don’t know if you think of Google+ as Facebook’s competitor, but both of them are quite different. Google+ has comparatively less number of users, and almost no spam/rubbish/useless posts – Plus, it’s kind of connected with Google Search (if you’re a webmaster you know it). While the other has over a billion users, and a lot of crap. The point is – Facebook is also rolling out changes to its Profile page and News Feed really soon. Rumors suggests, the news feed will be totally revamped and a few screenshots of new profile layout are also leaked online – but that’s another story. Let’s find the best cover photo for your Google+ profile (click on any image to enlarge).

Note: This page might take very long time to load, because GIF images are generally very large in size. A faster internet connectivity is recommended.

Funny GIFs

Hulk punches Thor - Avengers
Funny meme

MGM Logo Altered

Panda Accident

Self Five Barney Stinson

Bazinga Sheldon Cooper

Creepy GIFs

Man Knocking a Door GIF
Created by Gus Mantel

Animal GIFs

Cat Yawns
Created by Micaël Reynaud

Geek Cats

Geeky GIFs

Helicopter Transformation
Created by Micaël Reynaud


cartoon eating pizza

Cute Cartoon Cat


Circular illusion

Building Color Illusion


Galaxy to Earth
Created by Micaël Reynaud

Spark Lights

Complex Stuff

Which of the above GIF you like the most? Are these good enough to be your Google+ Cover Photo? Let us know your views in comments below. Also, if you have any better image – which should be in the list – post the link to the image in comments, we’ll add it to the list!

Disclaimer: Proper credit to the creator/author/artist has been mentioned for each image. We take no credit for creating any of the animated GIFs above, the respective authors/artists/creators deserve all the credit for their hard work and amazing creativity. This list is compiled with only one purpose, that is – to help users find these amazing work of art. If you encounter any mistake (wrong name, no credit to the author, etc.), please report to us – we’ll take proper action.