Windows Phone 8 Features List – Official

Microsoft revealed Windows Phone 8 features list officially to the world. The update will include many required and useful features like new start screen, multi-core processor support, Skype, Nokia Maps, and many more…

windows phone 8 features

Multi-Processor Support

The issue with WP 7 is that it doesn’t support even a dual-core processor. This limitation was creating a barrier for developers, as they couldn’t make apps with greater functionality like in Android and iOS. Thanks to Microsoft for making it capable of handling multi-core processors. We can now expect better apps in upcoming dual-core and quad-core handsets. After this update, WP handsets will have the potential to beat iPhone and Samsung S III. Though, we don’t know when a WP8 device will launch with quad-core, but Microsoft is preparing to provide dual-core devices somewhere near Autumn season.

New Start Screen

It still have the metro tiles, but now they are customizable. The much-needed feature, you can now change the size of individual tiles. ALso, the arrow at the right of screen is gone, giving more space to tiles. Two more sizes are available now. The smaller one occupies a quarter of the space occupied by tiles in WP7. The larger one utilizes the full width of the display. See the video to get a better look of the metro style.

Better Resolution, Multitasking And More Memory

Windows Phone 8 features 3 new resolutions: 800 x 480, 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720. So, manufacturers can increase the gorgeous-ness (if such word exists) of display by adding powerful GPU. With better resolutions, better multitasking is also offered. Not only that, support for Micro SD card is also added. So, now you can increase the storage memory whenever you want.

windows phone 8 tiles

Lightning Fast Browser

Internet Explorer 10 – yes, I know I wrote the name of a kinda outdated and not-preferred web browser in the positive list. Many people call it “feature less”, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be someone who can be easily lost. It has a great phishing protection and many great features. The best of all, it is the fastest mobile browser till date. BOOM!

Better Apps Experience

Since Nokia has launched the Lumia series, a lot of apps have been developed by Nokia for the devices. Microsoft took a step in the operating system’s favor, and integrated apps like Nokia Maps in WP8. That means, even the devices of other manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC, will have Nokia Maps. It’s not over yet. A common developer code will ensure that you can play games across Windows and WP 8, both. Hence, better experience.

NFC, Wallet Hub, Skype And VOIP

The update will also have NFC (Near Field Communication) support and Wallet Hub. It lets you use your device as a digital wallet. NFC gives you many features like iOS and Android. Microsoft has added code to make VOIP calls feel like ordinary calls. I mean, VOIP calls can stay at the background like other calls. This is not only for Skype, by the way. Developers can use it for their apps too.

Software Update For Current Devices?

Unfortunately, the latest software will not be coming to current devices. Probably because they don’t have minimum hardware requirements. The good news is, a new update for WP 7 and 7.5 devices will be provided in the name of Windows Phone 7.8. version 7.8 will have the new start screen. Cheers!

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What do you think about Windows Phone 8 features? Is it good enough to compete with Apple and Android? We need your views!