When is The Next Android Update in 2013? [Version 5.0 – Key Lime Pie]

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Android version, right? No, I’m not talking about Jelly Bean update for your device (mocking). I’m referring to Key Lime Pie, or Android v5.0. The name is (almost) officially confirmed, and announcement is expected in 2nd quarter of this year. There are some interesting stories, which revealed a few things about the next flavor of Android. Among them, some are official announcements, others ‘accidental’ leaks.

Why “Key Lime Pie”?

Do you know why the next version of Android is called Key Lime Pie? Of course, it’s not just any random name. Until now it was used to refer to an American dessert, but now it has one more identity. It perfectly fits in the naming pattern too. Android versions’ naming convention is, every version has a name which is based on a delicious dessert and they’re in alphabetical order. It started with Android Cupcake, following Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Android Versions Cartoon - Key Lime Pie

No, it’s not a wild speculation or so-called analysis – there are some proofs, including the image above. This image was posted by Manu Cornet (Google Software Engineer), on Google+. It shows-off all Android desserts since Cupcake. Though, we should not start analyzing this picture in the geeky-way. It’s just a picture. Also, we can’t ignore the rumors floating around even before Jelly Bean was announced.

When Will Key Lime Pie be Announced?

Any person who follows technology news can say that it will be announced in Google I/O event in 2013. It is true, but we need something to support the statement – and if possible, prove it correct. Fortunately, less than a week ago Android Police posted something. Don’t try to search it, it’s been deleted.

Some images of Qualcomm’s documents were leaked online showing information about development of Android, and ‘something else’ (we’ll get to it in a moment). According to the leaked images, we’ll be able to taste Key Lime Pie in 2nd quarter of this year.

Now, why were they deleted from the web? Just after the news started flowing in every possible direction, Qualcomm started a mass take-down at them. And eventually, everyone had to take the images down from the webpages. After removing the information, Android Authority posted: “The information previously posted at this URL contained Qualcomm confidential and copyrighted information that was posted without Qualcomm’s authorization.  It has been removed at Qualcomm’s request.  Please immediately destroy any copies that you may have made of this information.”

I guess, that’ enough for any person to know what’s going on.

The Next Nexus Device?

Motorola X Phone - The Next Nexus

The documents we were discussing above, also suggested that 3 new Snapdragon devices will be coming this year. One in the second-quarter, and the other two in third-quarter. Could be the next Nexus device? If yes, it’s highly probable that it’ll be manufactured by Motorola (now Google’s undertaking). Rumors suggests the name is Motorola X Phone (you heard about it, right?).

It’s not too long since LG Nexus 4 was released (though many users reported some issues). Therefore, We can say that Motorola X Phone might not release anytime soon.

Google I/O 2013 – Save The Date!

Till now, you’ve only got a time frame of 3 months. Let’s be specific, shall we? Unsurprisingly, Google I/O 2013 falls in our 3-months time window. This year it’s happening one month earlier than last year, May 15-17, 2013 in Moscone Center West, San Francisco. As per the post by Google Developers on Google+, the registration details will be announced this month (February, 2013). So if you’re planning to check-in, buckle-up. The tickets gets sold out like crazy, last year it was over in just 28 minutes.

Google I/O 2013 Event Logo

As you might know, last year on Google I/O Android Jelly Bean was announced. This year it will be Android v5.0 Key Lime Pie… with the Next Nexus? Probably. We’ll be posting any information as soon as we’ll get it – right here. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll keep you posted. Also, it’ll be fun to watch Samsung Galaxy S4, which is scheduled to be announced at a special press conference in April, competing with Motorola X Phone.