Upcoming PS3 Exclusives in 2013 – Games You’ll Play All Day

2012 has just reached to an end and although most PlayStation 3 fans are still experiencing the major productions of the year, they are impatiently waiting for the 2013 exclusives too. Fortunately, the PlayStation 3 games are improving with every new year and can easily beat the expectations. Therefore, 2013 is expected to bring back some old sequels, but also new and unique stories. Let’s take a look at the upcoming PS3 exclusives, we’ll be playing very soon.

upcoming ps3 exclusives 2013

Devil’s Third

devils third for ps3

Devil’s Third is a first release coming from a world renowned developer. Soon after he left Team Ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki has decided to work on his own and beat his previous records. The new game is expected to come as a tight combination of sophisticated mechanics, heavy actions and blood thirsty adventures. No one knows what the final result will look like, but the developer’s previous production with Team Ninja – Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden – has gained a very positive reputation.


rockstar agent for ps3

No one heard anything from Rockstar’s project in a while. The official website does not give out too many details, so most fans are counting on a surprise. The worst part is that many similar titles have come and left, while the delays are extremely popular in the PlayStation world. Rockstar has been pretty busy lately with other projects, but Agent has been started almost a year ago. Therefore, the genre fans count on a 2013 release.

Patrice Desilets

Patrice Desilets is the name associated with Assassin’s Creed and its upcoming releases. The popular developer has been the creative and knowledgeable force behind this production. Ever since those times, he left THQ and has begun working on his own project. Everyone knows that he is about to release something in 2013, but the title is still not out. However, his pedigree is definitely convincing enough for most fans, so his release will raise a lot of interest.

Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy XIV ps3

Final Fantasy XIV was supposed to be released by the end of 2012. However, the developer chose to release the PC version first, which was a total disaster. Numerous patches and subscriptions tried to complete the problematic scenario, but no positive aspects arose. The PlayStation 3 version was sent back into the studio right away for the MMORPG to be shaped some more. An upcoming release for PS3 is expected for 2013, especially since the code is already over. As soon as the slight changes are done, the fans can finally enjoy yet another episode of the successful series.

Star Trek

star trek ps3 2013

The first announcements and rumours regarding Star Trek hit the magazines in the summer of 2011. However, everything disappeared soon after. The developers did announce that a final release may hit the market in the summer of 2013 though, so there is no rush. The prolonged development is a sign that these individuals actually care for their productions. Instead of ruining their work with a worthless production, they would rather waste more time to take care of every single detail.


2013 is a very enigmatic year from many people’s point of view. Although there are some clear announcements on the way, only a few people can guarantee for some final productions. Besides, the mysteries raised by some developers are really attractive. Let’s just wait for something amazing for our Play-Stations.

This is a guest post by Bill Nixon. You can also write for Creotix.