Google Rolls Out Advanced Android Stock Keyboard

Many people have smartphones handy to conduct errands of all kinds throughout the day. However, having an awkward keyboard can make using a smartphone uncomfortable. Luckily, for Android users that want a different kind of keyboard, there is the Google Android Stock Keyboard app.

google stock keyboard

What is Android Stock Keyboard App?

Google’s Android Stock Keyboard is an app that allows Android 4.0 users to make their keyboards look more like a Nexus. It can be downloaded through the Google Play store and installed on your Android to change the keyboard interface.

Aside from changing the keyboard, the app also includes word predictions, automatic error corrections, and the ability to swipe your finger across the keyboard to form words. Another fun feature is called Voice Typing, and it allows users to tap the microphone to compose messages while on the move. The app is additionally available in 26 different languages and 12 keyboard layouts to appeal to people all over the world.

When Will the App be Available?

According to the official Android Google+ page, the app has already launched in certain English-speaking markets on June 5th, this year. However, a wider rollout is expected to follow to include new markets and countries as well.

Is the Google Stock Keyboard App Right for you?

Since it is such a new product, there are still varying reviews about how it functions. While many people love the Google Stock Keyboard app, there are those that prefer other apps as well. Ultimately, whether or not the app is right for you comes down to your own personal experience.

There are plenty of keyboard apps available for people to download, including:

SwiftKey (one of Google’s recommendations from Google Play) is considered to be one of the most popular keyboard apps for Android tablets and smartphones. It has an accurate autocorrect and word prediction, and can simultaneously support up to 3 languages while typing.

TouchPal (another of Google’s recommendations from Google Play) has a number of different features to help users type quickly and easily. One of the fun features included is the animation of a sparkling trail that is created as you type by swiping across the keyboard.

Go Keyboard is known for its ability to customize just about everything. Aside from being able to choose between QWERTY keyboards or T9 keyboards, you can also select colors.

Thumb Keyboard is another excellent app for customizing everything about the typing experience. With additional features such as voice input, split layout, and over 25 different themes, it has a lot to offer Android users.

Swype differs from other apps in the way that it traces the letters that you swipe instead of tapping them out. It is especially handy for faster input and mobility since you can compose messages with just one hand.

While the Google Stock Keyboard app is still new on the market, it offers yet another way for users to make their smartphones more functional. Which is your favorite keyboard app on Android?

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