[Updated] CES 2013 Dates, Schedule of Events and Sneak Peek

Just a few days left for CES 2013, and the excitement is increasing every day. Many international electronic products’ manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Intel, Sony, etc. will unveil a whole new range of amazing products, starting January 8. Although the official period of CES is from January 8 to January 11, 2013 but most of the major announcements happen before that. Therefore, January 7 seems pretty busy with a lot of exciting announcements and events.

About CES

ces 2013 dates schedule events

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest international consumer electronics’ trade show held every year in January, in Las Vegas (United States). It is organized by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), and it’s not open to public. Every year new products are showcased, and upcoming products are announced by many prominent manufacturers.

Dates and Schedule

There are practically too many events and announcements to be mentioned. Therefore, we’ll just focus on the products we find interesting enough, and that’s mobiles, tablets, etc. The list below displays the events officially announced. Of course, there will be some surprises and many companies will organize unexpected announcements at any moment during CES. We’ll keep updating the list as soon as any new and interesting event pops up (Press ctrl+D to bookmark this page).

January 6


Event: Press Conference

Time: 08:00 PM (PST) | 09:30 AM, Jan. 7 (IST) | 04:00 AM, Jan. 7 (GMT)

nvidia tegra 4 ces 2013

Rumor says, NVIDIA will announce the successor of Tegra Processors. Tegra 3 has done very well since its release, Tegra 4 is definitely going to be something amazing, with literally huge clock speed.

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January 7


Ahead of CES, Corning announced its plans to showcase the third version of Gorilla Glass. We can expect it to be much tougher than Gorilla Glass 2, and it will be much more scratch resistant than previous versions. Corning was already delivering the best Glass for mobile devices, this version is definitely going to be better than before. Corning will also announce fiber-based Optical Cables for device-to-device connectivity, with significantly increased data transmission range, much more than copper-based cables.

corning gorilla glass 3 at ces

LG Electronics

Event: Press Conference

Time: 08:00 AM (PST) | 09:30 PM (IST) | 04:00 PM (GMT)

LG has uploaded a video (below) teasing a new smartphone with sleek corners, which is reportedly the next Optimus – LG Optimus G2. It is rumored to feature a 5-inch full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution and pixel density of 440 ppi (pixels per inch).


Event: Press Conference

Time: 12:00 PM (PST) | 01:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 08:00 PM (GMT)

fujifilm x20

Fujifilm is expected to announce new Digital Cameras, X20 and X100S. X100S is a successor and updated version of Fujifilm X100. Reportedly, it has the world’s fastest auto-focus capability, with 0.8 second AF.


Event: Press Conference

Time: 12:00 PM (PST) | 01:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 08:00 PM (GMT)

netgear ces


Event: Press Conference

Time: 01:00 PM (PST) | 02:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 09:00 PM (GMT)

huawei ascend w1 and ascend d2 ces 2013

CEO of Huawei, Yu Chengdong has confirmed that two new phones will be announced in CES 2013 – Ascend W1 and Ascend D2. As you can see, Ascend W1 will run on Windows Phone 8 and Ascend D2 will be a high-end Android smartphone. Yu Chengdong also said that Huawei Ascend D2’s specifications will be too high, therefore it will be too costly for an average consumer. It is reported to have a 5-inch display with full HD 1080p resolution, 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 13 MP camera.


Event: Press Briefing

Time: 01:00 PM (PST) | 02:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 09:00 PM (GMT)

intel at ces 2013

Intel will showcase the third-generation Intel Core processor-powered Ultrabooks and tablets, along with some smartphones and tablet devices running on Intel Atom Processors. We can say, the event will be focused on Ultrabooks mainly.

Samsung Electronics

Event: Press Conference

Time: 02:00 PM (PST) | 03:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 10:00 PM (GMT)

A whole new range of products will be announced by Samsung during this Consumer Electronics Show. Some might excite you, others will make you say, “That’s huge!”. We might see a glimpse of the next Galaxy S device, i.e. Galaxy S IV along with a new Smart TV teased by a video uploaded on YouTube.

Sony Electronics

Event: Press Conference

Time: 05:00 PM (PST) | 06:30 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 01:00 AM, Jan. 8 (GMT)

sony ces 2013

There will be many surprises from Sony at the press event. You can expect all kinds of stuff Sony manufactures, including Televisions, mobiles, laptops, etc. Rumors say that Sony will announce an Xperia smartphone with amazing features to compete with Apple iPhone 5.


Event: Keynote

Time: 06:30 PM (PST) | 08:00 AM, Jan. 8 (IST) | 02:30 AM, Jan. 8 (GMT)

qualcomm ces

Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm, Dr. Paul E. Jacobs will address the audience with Qualcomm’s “Born Mobile” theme. It will explain the role of mobile technology in the world, and how it has become an integral part of consumer’s life style.

January 8

ZTE Corporation

Event: Press Conference

Time: 01:30 PM (PST) | 03:00 AM, Jan. 9 (IST) | 09:30 PM (GMT)

zte grand s at ces 2013

ZTE will showcase its flagship smartphone, Grand S. It’s a high-end device with Full HD display (1080p), and it’s also ZTE’s first FHD smartphone. The company also claims that it’s the thinnest 5-inch smartphone in the world.

January 9

Samsung Electronics

Event: Keynote

Time: 09:00 AM (PST) | 10:30 PM (IST) | 05:00 PM (GMT)

President of Samsung, Stephen Woo will address audience with Samsung’s vision on the role of components in enabling tomorrow’s consumer product innovations. On another note, Bill Clinton will also be making an appearance during Samsung Keynote event.

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