Why iPhone 5 is NOT the Best Smartphone in The World

The world seems excited after the announcement of Apple iPhone 5. Though, not as excited as it was before. A considerable group of people are disappointed. We can blame our “too high” expectations from Apple, or the company itself for not making something new and awesome every year. Of course, it’s the best iPhone yet. That’s why they launched it, right?

iphone 5 is not the best smartphone

At the launch event, Apple kept bragging about how tall, thin and light the iPhone is. Apple fanatics also agree that iPhone 5 is the best smartphone you can get. Sorry Apple! But it’s not the best smartphone in the market. Period. First, let’s clear a couple of facts and discover a few more things.

It’s NOT the THINNEST Smartphone in the World

When Apple announced that it’s 7.6mm thin and the “thinnest” smartphone in the world, I knew something just doesn’t fit right. I thought, maybe I heard it wrong or they intended to say “thinnest iPhone” and it was a mistake. But everything was crystal clear when they mentioned the same in the press release.

“iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world, with an all-new 7.6 mm anodized aluminum body that is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S. Designed with an unprecedented level of precision, iPhone 5 combines an anodized aluminum body with diamond cut chamfered edges and glass inlays for a truly incredible fit and finish.”

Nonetheless, after checking a bit I found out that I was correct. It’s not the thinnest smartphone. In fact, one smartphone even thinner than iPhone 5 was launched over a year ago. There is not only one smartphone which is thinner than 7.6mm – there are a lot. I wonder how they missed it. Some of the models with less than 7.6mm thickness are mentioned below.

  1. Oppo Finder – 6.65 mm
  2. Huawei Ascend P1 S – 6.68 mm
  3. Fujitsu ARROWS ES IS12F – 6.70 mm
  4. Pantech Vega S5 – 6.89 mm
  5. Motorola Droid RAZR – 7.1 mm

It amuses me how Apple fanatics always try to defend Apple products, instead of accepting the facts. One such fan-boy said that the other smartphones has humps and bumps, that makes them thicker than 7.6mm. Considering that, TechPP and Strategy Analytics posted a detailed analysis. The result is – it’s definitely the thinnest iPhone in the world, but NOT the thinnest “smartphone”.

Borders Below and Above Apps, Seriously?

As you know, iPhone 5 has a bigger 4-inch screen but the apps in app store were made for 3.5-inch screen only. I’m not a developer, so I have no idea how this stuff works. But they really count it in pros? In case you don’t know, the apps which are not yet optimized for 4-inch screen will still occupy only the 3.5-inch (like in the previous iPhones and iPod Touch). The apps will appear centered on the screen, and the unused part will be occupied by borders (above and below apps). The apps won’t utilize the full screen until the developers update them to do so.

So, even if you get a 4-inch screen, it’ll work like a 3.5-inch iPhone. Funny, Apple was happily showing-off this border thing during the event.


All we have now is photo samples released by Apple itself only. Therefore, we can’t really say if the iSight camera is really good enough. Also, there is no major improvement in the camera of iPhone 5. If it’s the same as iPhone 4S, it’s definitely not as good as Nokia Lumia 920‘s PureView camera.

Specification wise, it has a 8 MP sensor without OIS. We’ve seen what OIS does in Lumia 920 preview. The Lumia 920 is definitely better with 8.7 MP sensor and PureView technology. I’m pretty sure when both the phones will be available for review, the photo samples will prove it right. Apple called Panorama as “an amazing new feature”. But we’re using Panorama on Android from months, aren’t we? Lastly, even Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III and high-end smartphones also support zero shutter lag.

The best we could do right now is, compare the photo samples officially provided by Apple and Nokia. These photographs are taken by iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 respectively. The photo is taken by Lumia 920 in low-light, but doesn’t seem the same with iPhone one. Still, the PureView looks better and the colors just look vibrant. You can check more samples on Nokia And Apple‘s official website.

iphone 5 lumia 920 camera comparison

Retina Display? Think Again!

When people read “Retina Display”, they make a perception that it’s the best display any device can have. But again, it’s just over-hyped like the other Apple products. The Verge has written a nice article about Retina Display and explained why it’s not the best. Let’s compare iPhone 5’s Retina Display with some other high-end smartphones.

iPhone 5Lumia 920HTC One XGalaxy S IIIGalaxy Nexus
Screen Size4.0 inch4.5 inch4.7 inch4.8 inch4.65 inch
Resolution (pixels)
1136 x 6401280 x 7681280 x 7201280 x 7201280 x 720
Pixels Per Inch326332312306316

“Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ has a 60Hz refresh rate, making it “blur free” and the fastest display on a phone.  Throw in ClearBlack for super saturated colors, 4.5-inches in size and a massive 332 ppi that dwarfs the iPhone 5 and we know the winner.” – wpcentral

Nokia Lumia 920 clearly wins the award. PureMotion HD+ is bigger with better resolution, and better ppi. Plus, the retina display isn’t super sensitive. That means, you can’t use it with gloves on.

The Remaining Part isn’t Good Either

There are still a few things left. Let’s take a quick look at them too.

  1. Worst Battery Life: Yes, it has the worst battery life as compared to others. Take a look at this.
    iPhone 5Lumia 920Galaxy S IIIGalaxy Nexus
    Talk time on (3G)8 hours10 hours11 hours 40 min.8 hours 20 min.
    Standby Time (hours)225400790270
  2. No NFC and Inductive Wireless Charging: In an interview with AllThingsD Apple disclosed the reasons for not having both the mentioned features, which are obvious and expected. In one line, it sounds similar to: “who needs flash?”.
  3. 4G-LTE: Many Android smartphones and Windows Phones already have 4G-LTE support. Some of the 4G enabled phones were launched in market more than a year ago.

iPhone 5 was a big disappointment. That’s all I have to say. In fact, the iPod Nano and iPod Touch announcement was much more exciting. Maybe the lightning connector is better, because you can insert it either way. But, would you really consider the connector while buying a smartphone? Some people might argue that it looks great. I’d say, sorry. It’s not the only good-looking phone in the market.

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