Automatically Find Coupons While Shopping Online, Without Google!

How do you buy stuff online? Log on an online shopping website, add products to cart, and make payment, right? Or maybe, you’re smart. So, you utilize the ‘coupons’ field, and save a few bucks by adding discount coupons. If you’re Richie Rich or something, and don’t care about discounts… Seriously, why are you here?

Still reading? Then you’re probably ‘smart’ enough to find coupons before making payment. Now, think. If you’re already smart enough, then why did you land on this page? You know why. Answer this: What are the most commonly used ways to find coupons while shopping online?

A friend, who got a coupon from somewhere; advertisements by the retailer/seller; and the rest (majority) use Google! You may get a great deal via Google, but use a stopwatch next time and calculate how much time did it take to find that one coupon? That’s why you’re here – To automatically find coupons during checkout, without wasting your time. No, I’m not going to teach you how to search on Google quickly or anything like that.

Coupons at Checkout: The Name says it all

As you know, there are websites specially designed to provide discount coupons for various online sellers/retailers at no cost, one such website is CouponFollow. They have taken the “find coupons” thing a step further. They’ve built a simple browser extension – compatible with all popular web browsers – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome – to find coupons automatically.

What Coupons at Checkout extension does is, when you’re on the checkout screen (where it asks you to add promotional discount coupon, if you have any), it shows the coupon codes in that same window with just one click. You can then choose the coupon you like, and make payment. So, no time wasted at all in finding the best coupon via Google or a friend. No, there is no catch! It’s free, easy-to-use and highly useful.

It’s extremely useful if you’re often busy, or just don’t get the right coupon via other ways. Suppose, you need to book flight tickets at the last minute? Or book a Hotel? These are just a couple of situations you might run into, and this browser extension will surely help you out!

How to use Coupons at Checkout?

Step 1 – Install the Coupons at Checkout browser extension.

Step 2 – Restart browser, if required.

Step 3 – When you buy anything online, and see a text field to enter discount coupon – just click on it.

Step 4 – You’ll see a list of coupons. Hover over the coupon code to view its description, and choose the coupon which is best according to the products you have in your cart.

Step 5 – To see if the coupon worked for other buyers, hover over the last used time (last column). By the way, only 3 coupons are visible at a time, you’ll need to scroll down to see more (I was too stupid to notice the scroll bar the first time).

Step 6 – The remaining part is the same: choose the coupon, make payment, and save some bucks.

In case you’re worried, I haven’t noticed any effect on browsing speed or browser behavior due to this extension. It won’t occupy any space of the browser window, as it’s not a toolbar or anything similar. Thus, there is no harm in using it. CouponFollow claims that this extension offers discount coupons for over 100,000 e-commerce sites. That’s huge!

Let us know your experience in comments below.