The Advantages of Rooting Android Phone: Hidden Features, Better Battery and More

Why do you need to root your Android device? This question comes in mind of many Android users. Firstly, you need to remember one thing very clearly – you have to be a little savvy while rooting an Android device. If you think you are smart enough, then you are good to go with this process. It has many benefits (and maybe a couple of disadvantages). By rooting your device, you get access to the restricted areas (system files, etc.), so you can perform many tweaks to personalize the device according to your choice. You can even install Custom ROMs on you device if any such ROM is available, or you can make it yourself.

Advantages of Rooting Android Phone

Run More Apps and Get the Latest Android Updates

If you use an Android smartphone, you probably know about the applications already. The thing you may not know is that, some apps are available for rooted Android devices only. Root access gives those apps to dig deep into the system and do things your network operators and/or manufacturers do not want you to do. By a rooted app, you can even hack into other phones by inviting them with a fake WiFi hotspot (Remember, it’s illegal. I just mentioned it to tell you about the abilities of rooting).

The Android updates are tasty as their versions’ name suggests. You can easily upgrade your device’s OS version, for example from ICS to Jelly Bean in minutes if your android smartphone is rooted, and a ROM with newer Android version is available for your device.

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Remove Bloatwares, Increase Battery Life and Performance

“Bloatwares” is a term used to refer to the apps that come pre-installed with the Android device – and you don’t use them. You cannot remove those unnecessary apps if you do not have root access on the respective device. By removing these bloatwares, you can free up some space to accommodate more useful apps that you will actually use – or just clean up your device to make it look prettier.

Better Battery Backup

You can also overclock the phone’s CPU for better performance with the help of rooting. There are some battery management apps too, which can use root access to increase the battery life by adding some system tweaks automatically (like disabling some stuff that are not necessary, etc.).

Extensive Personalization and Unlimited Scope

Before you get your hopes too high, consider this: Rooting is for advanced users. You should not root your phone if you are not comfortable with the process and consequences. If not done properly, you can brick your smartphone completely and it also voids warranty. On the brighter side, a properly rooted device enables the user to make extensive changes and customize it according to user’s needs.

Android offers a lot of customization options for their users, but with root access you can unravel the hidden parts too. You can install custom ROMs, which give your device a totally new look and many exclusive functionality. You can change the lock screen, notification bar, touch gestures and many more tweaks. The list is endless and so does the scope, upon rooting.

Free Hotspot Tethering and Extensive Backup Capability

Free WiFi Tethering

Almost all the Android devices support WiFi tethering – but it’s not “free” for everyone. This feature enables you to create a wireless network using your phone’s data connection. Other users in the hotspot area will be able access the internet via your data connection. Most of the network operators charge an additional fee for using this service, but with the help of rooting you can create free wireless network by using any WiFi tether app available in Google Play Store. The network operator will never get to know that you are using this paid service for free.

Rooting your Android smartphone also provides the additional capability of backup and restore. Although, this feature is also available in non-rooted devices, but you cannot backup the system files, applications’ data, and a lot of other stuff until you get root access.

Of course, there are many other advantages of rooting Android phone, but we found these most relevant. If you know something you can do with a rooted Android device but not with non-rooted one – let us know in your comments below!