5 Biggest Job Search Mistakes You Can Avoid While Searching Online

Are you a job seeker trying to find out what is the best career path for you? Or are you an experienced professional looking for a change of job? Whatever be your case and wherever in the world you are, you must know how to search for the right job. Remember, job search on the Internet is something you should learn. If you do not know how to do research on the Web, you may not be able to find relevant jobs. There are certain mistakes that many job-seekers make, which become the main reason behind their failure to find the most appropriate jobs. You should not make similar mistakes. Here are a the biggest job search mistakes you should avoid at all cost:

biggest job search mistakes you can avoid

1. Using Inappropriate or Broad Search Terms

The most important thing that you should learn about job search is the use of most appropriate keywords or phrases. Most of the time people use unnecessary broad terms and phrase to search for a job. For example, if you are searching for career opportunities in Flextronics, you must search online with phrases like “Flextronics careers”. Similarly, you can also use the name of a specific location or place while searching for a job in that particular location. You can also use words related to your skills like “IT admin jobs” or “call center jobs”.

2. Being Rigid in Choosing Industry

This is another mistake that most job seeker make. You mustn’t stick to one industry, but, search for jobs that matches your skills, across multiple industry or sectors. For example, if you are looking for IT jobs; you should look in – Real Estate and FMCG companies in addition to IT sectors. These companies also have requirements for IT professionals, and thus you can find a suitable job.

3. Spending too much Time in Looking at Bad Advertisements

There are many job vacancy advertisements that do not contain relevant or complete information regarding the job. You should not waste time in looking into these ads. If you are not sure of the job on offer, you should avoid applying for it. Instead, you should search for advertisements that provide elaborate information

4. Applying for a Job in Just any Company

While it is true that you can look for job in various industries, it is very important that you must research well before applying. You should do a thorough check on the company you are applying at. You should also research well on the reputation of the company. In addition to that, find out whether you’d get a satisfactory remuneration. If possible visit the website of the company you are choosing. You should also read reviews and testimonials about the company before choosing.

5. Applying for a Job Posted Long Back

Before applying for any job, many people forget to check the dates on which those were posted. Remember, applying for a job posted long back is useless. That is the reason you should apply for jobs that have been posted within a week or month.

If you follow these points, your chances of getting the right job will increase. Thus, you will be able to choose the right career path for yourself.

This is a guest post by Puneet Tyagi. You can also write for Creotix.