What is Google Project Glass? – Everything You Should Know

If you heard something about some Awesome Glass or seen the video which recently gone viral, perhaps you’re wondering “What is that!!” – “That” my friend, is a freaking awesome thing. Believe me when you’ll finish reading this article, you won’t be able to resist yourself from thinking about it (sadly, you can’t use it now).

what is google project glass

What is Google Project Glass?

Let me ask you first, do you know what is Google X?
Google X is a secret Laboratory, which works on research and development of futuristic technology. In simple words, it creates awesomely crazy stuff. The self-driving (or driver less) car was a result of this so-called secret Lab. only.

Google Project Glass is a research and development program, also a part of Google X, was formed to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). You may think that head-mounted display is a completely new idea, but it’s not. One thing is definitely new, and that’s the slim design. Apparently, it’s just one-third part of a usual pair of eyeglasses.

Those who already wear spectacles due to weak eyesight or any other problem may feel that the device won’t work for you. Well, that’s absolutely wrong. The reply of the team on the official Google+ page said that they want this device to work for everyone, they are trying to make it compatible with every type of frames. In fact, I have seen an interview of Sebastian Thrun wearing spectacles and Google Glass together. So, definitely it will work for everyone. Also, reports are coming in that new designs may integrate the display with normal spectacles.

What It Does?

Now, you know what it is, but what it actually does? To be precise, it performs almost all functions of a smartphone. Believe it or not, it runs on Android platform. As per the videos made public by Project Glass, it can perform these functions:

  • Accept/Reject a call
  • Display the weather
  • Take a picture,
  • …And share it
  • Read text messages,
  • …And send replies
  • Show reminders
  • Navigate you to your destination
  • Check in
  • Video chat
  • …And much more.

Watch this short video to see the gadget in action.

Now you want to ask what’s the price and when will you be able to see it in the market, right?
Well, there is no official note on this but New York Times reported that it might be available at the price of a smartphone or somewhere near to it and will be out in market by the end of this year, 2012. But Mashable said that a spokesperson indicated that the device will not be launched this year.

Whenever it will launch, I’m definitely going to buy it. Will you?