A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Printer

Printers are becoming an everyday need in this fast paced technological world. There are many types of printers. In fact there are so many options that makes the decision-making an extremely daunting task. Printers come in different shapes, sizes, functions, specifications and resolutions. These differences enable buyers to see what type of printer is geared toward them, but not everyone is ‘techie’ enough to understand and make the right choice. So, here is a quick guide to help you choose the right printer along with the right printer ink.

A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Printer

Inkjet Printer

inkjet printer

The most common kind of printer is the inkjet printer. It is relatively inexpensive and affordable for home/personal use. Generally, inkjet printers are able to print 14 pages per minute in black-ink and 12 pages per minute in colored. Some of them can print more than 30 pages per minute in black or color. The speed depends on the resolution and coverage of the document.

Photo Printer


Another kind of printer is the Photo Printer. It usually has a special function to enable printing from memory cards and print 4” x 6” photos. Some photo printers even have a built-in LCD display for viewing photographs. It also has additional ink properties to print great quality pictures.

However, most inkjet printers can also produce striking colored photos as good as photo printers. The main difference is the features and media format. The deciding factor between these two printers is how it will be used. Inkjet is better for general usage while professional photographers will prefer photo printers, in which printer ink will be most utilized.

Laser Printer

laser printer

Printers which are found in the most of the offices are laser printers. It has an average resolution and a DPI of 1200 x 1200. This gives a very high quality turnout and prints around 20 pages (or more) per minute, on an average. Colored laser printers can print at a DPI of 2400 but prints a little less than 20 pages per minute. These are still costlier than photo printers if you want to print stunning photos. The advantage with laser printers is the connectivity.

Other Types of Printer

Another type of printers is the Multifunction printer, generally known as All-in-one printer. It can print, copy and fax. It is the perfect choice for those with limited space or a great need for a scanner and fax machine. It may be based on inkjet or laser type technology. It is a product with great combination since the quality is just the same.

For businesses, Bar-code or Label printers will be a good choice to buy. Bar-code printers are specialized to print bar-codes to mark goods. These are usually found in warehouses, inventories store and shipping line, and are usually smaller than normal printers. Label printers are made for printing label on stock rolls. It is easy to use and does not need a change of paper.

bar-code printer


A user requires a great deal from a printer. This device handles every task, such as student’s projects, assignments, book reports, a mom’s scrap book, work documents or the occasional pictures and other stuff. The best printer would be one that is affordable, versatile and match the user’s intended purpose for the device.

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