Top 4 Apple Siri Alternatives for Android and iPhone

Siri is a personal voice assistant feature of the iPhone. It all started when Apple iPhone 4S was released. This app enables users to control the phone with their natural voice, give it a command and receive a response in return by ‘Siri’. Apple has invested so much in research of Siri that you don’t need to learn some command before you are able to use it. Just speak the way you talk with living human beings, it understands natural language. Siri is able to answer questions like “Where can I take my girlfriend for dinner?”, it quickly responds by giving you a list of restaurants near your location.

top siri alternatives for android iphone

Unfortunately, Apple loves monopolistic kind of life, even its old customers, older iPhone versions are unable to use Siri. Android and other platform users needs something like this, which is why I came up with a list of top Apple’s Siri alternatives for Android and iPhone. These are easy-to-install apps, easily found in relevant applications store, and compatible with almost every iPhone and Android device. Install the one which, you think, is the closest to Siri (or a better Siri).

Google Voice Actions

google voice actions

This app can be utilized as Apple’s Siri alternative. Google voice actions is an open source application, developed by Google itself for smartphones and other smart devices. It is compatible with Android devices running Android version 2.2 and above. Although, almost all Android smartphones come with this app pre-installed nowadays, but iOS users still need to manually install it from the App Store.

This is an alternative to Siri but it does not understand natural language as perfectly as Siri. You should learn a few commands to use it properly, which is not a big deal. Voice Actions app can be used to initiate a call, get directions, play music, create/send emails, search the web and much more.

Install Voice Actions on Android or iPhone

Pannous’ Voice Actions/Jeannie (like Siri)


Jeannie (known as Pannous’ Voice Actions for iOS devices) is a very good Siri alternative. It packs many Siri features. One thing that makes it useful than Siri is that it works with previous iPhone models as well as on Android devices. This application is free on Android, but charges $1 on iOS. The advantage it has over the Google’s Voice assistance is that it works on older versions as well, even on Android v1.6.

Jeannie enables voice commands for online search, set reminders, appointments, calls, texts and much more. This app even responds to natural voice, unlike Voice Actions app we mentioned above.

Install Jeannie on Android or iPhone

Dragon Go!

dragon go

Dragon Go! is a really alternative of Siri, if you are in need of a dedicated search system, you have got to go for Dragon Go. You get faster result during a voice search with this app. The speech recognition of the app is absolutely accurate, as it is powered by Nuance’s Dragon Natural Speaking engine.

There are preloaded links to popular websites such as Netflix, CNN, Fandango and many more, where you can get information you need. You can ask vague questions as well, like “What is the weather like today”. The best part is that this application is absolutely free of cost.

Install Dragon Go! on Android or iPhone

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Another free alternative, this app is not as powerful as the others, but the basics you generally need is covered. With Vlingo, you are able to make calls, send messages, locate business and restaurants, navigate to a location, search the web, and do a lot more. You can also update your Facebook status, tweet on Twitter, or check-in with Foursquare.

Install Vlingo Virtual Assistant on Android (Vlingo is now Dragon on Android) or iPhone

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These are the best 4 Siri alternatives for Android and iPhone. Some of the above mentioned apps are also available for other platforms too, try searching the app in the respective application store. Some of these alternatives has fewer features than Siri, while others may offer more than what it has. Do share your views if you have used any of the apps on your device, or if you know anything even better than them.

This is a guest post by Olukunle Moses. You can also write for Creotix.