Firefox For Android: Download To PC (.APK File)

Firefox for Android mobiles and tablets allows you to sync your browsers history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords across all your devices. You can easily customize the browser according to your needs. Continue reading for more features, details and link to download to PC. Also, find out why you should use Mozilla Firefox instead of opera mobile (or opera mini) on your device.

firefox for android download to pc

Features of Firefox For Android:

Customization: You can easily customize the browser as per your requirements. Don’t like the color? Change it! Need a new look? Apply a new theme! You can change everything from its looks to its performance. Configure the start page, search engines, etc. You can even install add-ons to get what you want.

Synchronization: The best part is that you can sync Firefox on every device you use, and I mean “every device”. Whether it’s your desktop computer or tablet PC, you don’t need to configure bookmarks, passwords, etc. in every device – and even if you format your device, they will NOT be lost. The browser allows you to sync your history, bookmarks, tabs, and passwords with all devices. It will save the data on cloud, that means, you will never lose the synchronized data – even after years of browsing. I, personally like this thing because sometimes I lost the bookmarks due to sudden crash of computer or mobile – this feature helps to recover them.

Awesome Screen: It is a unique feature which basically reduces the time required to type anything in the address bar. What it does is, when you start typing an address or search string in the bar, it suggests you some links from your history, bookmarks and even open tabs on your computer’s browser. Know more about Awesome Screen.

Start Page: If you use the same application on your computer or laptop, you probably know what is the “start page”. It gives you one click access to the desktop tabs and the pages you opened the last time you used the application.

Mobile Add-ons: It is a great feature that gives you the ability to improve the functionality tremendously. Just download the add-on you want to fulfill your needs. They work exactly the same way like the add-ons on your PC. Just go the mobile add-ons download page and get the one you want.

Multiple Search Engines: When you start typing in the awesome bar,, multiple search engines appear to choose from. The list includes Google, Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

Vibrant Themes: Change the looks of the browser completely using the themes knows as Personas. Choose from a large collection of Personas, from simple colors to designs and images based themes.

Tabbed Browsing: Almost every other browser supports tabbed browsing, we’re actually used to it. You can work with multiple tabs open quite smoothly and if accidentally you close any tab, you can easily undo it and it’ll reappear as it was.

One Touch Bookmark: Just swipe your screen to the left to bookmark a page, and it’ll appear in awesome screen on the top. You can also save the bookmark to your Android’s home screen for easy access.

Download Manager + Super Speed: Firefox for Android features the same download manager as your desktop application. It will process everything is the background without interrupting your work. Also, the application is optimized for browsing on your mobile, to provide better speed.

Password Manager + Security: It will remember your passwords to help you reduce typing time and your passwords are secure, don’t worry. It provides instant website ID, which shows you the authenticity of a website with just one tap. Further, if you want to remove the saved passwords and other data, you can easily clear site preferences to do the same.

HTML5 + JaegerMonkey: It supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which increases the functionality. It includes a superfast JavaScript engine which uses “JaegerMonkey” just-in-time compiler and it is optimized for ARM processors.

Why Should You Use Firefox on Mobile Instead of Opera?

You might wonder why you should drop Opera mobile, which is reportedly the most used browser for mobile devices. The simple answer is, nobody (almost) use Opera on PC… How will you sync the desktop browser with mobile or tablet? And it has some great features too. Tell me, why you still want to use Opera?

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Want to Download To PC (.apk file)?

If you want to download .apk file of the application from Google Play to PC, there is a trick for that! There is no sense of writing it again because it’s available here. You can also download it from the official source.


Will you prefer Firefox for Android instead of Opera Mobile? Share your reason in comments.