14 Best iPad Mini Accessories – Cases, Connectors and More

How are you doing today, with your brand new Apple iPad Mini? It’s impressive how the display fits in your one-hand, and provides you almost everything a 4th-generation iPad can do. When I say ‘everything’ – I mean it. The thoughtfully built 7.9-inch display allows you to run any app designed for the bigger iPad. Not only apps, there are amazing accessories available for both the iPads as well. For you convenience, the list is sorted in groups + you’re just one-click away from buying the best iPad Mini accessories.

Apple iPad Mini

iPad Mini Cases and Covers

Case or cover is the primary accessory everyone wish to buy, and the number of choices are practically unlimited. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best, unique cases and covers.

LumaGuard – Check Price


LumaGuard is a thin-protective film to protect the device from scratches and daily wear & tear. It covers up to 90% of the aluminum surface. It does not only provides protection, but also comes in various matte finished colors. If you don’t like bulky cases and anything that increases the thickness of your iPad Mini – this is just what you need. When combined with same (or maybe different) color smart cover, the mini tablet gets a whole new look and features. It’s so thin that you can fit any case, even when LumaGuard film is on.

Features: Ultra-thin film, Matte finish, suppress reflection, fits any case, vibrant colors.

Colors: Transparent, Blue, Pink, Red, Black, White, Holiday Green and Reflective Aluminum White.

ZAGGkeys Mini 7 Keyboard Case – Check Price

zaggkeys mini 7

Not everyone, and every time, feels comfortable with on-screen keyboard. This is when we miss a physical external keyboard. The only problem is, iPad Mini is compact enough to be carried anywhere comfortably, and there are no keyboards available which are this small and portable. Thanks to Zagg for designing ZAGGkeys Mini 7, which is specifically built for iPad Mini, extremely portable with full functionality. As it’s a case primarily, it also protects your device from scratches and accidental damages.

Features: Durable, Island-style keys, Built-in kickstand, Dedicated special keys.

Swivel 360 by Proporta – Check Price

proporta swivel 360

A very innovative and useful case by Proporta, Swivel 360 is made from high quality faux-leather. It does not only protect your iPad from damages, but the unique design also allows you to place the device in different viewing angles. You can go hands-free in both portrait and landscape mode, thanks to the unique stand.

Features: Rotating case with different viewing angles, allows access to all ports and buttons, made from high quality faux-leather, protects from scratches and accidental drops.

Back Shell by Proporta – Check Price

proporta back shell mini

For those, who need something simple and compact, without any complex stuff – this is a very popular and suitable option. Just slide your tablet in the case, and you’re done. It provides protection from accidental drops and damage caused by daily use. It’s designed in such a way that you don’t need to remove the case to use buttons or access ports. Just one thing – it’s not compatible with Apple Smart Cover. If you’re planning to use both together, it’s not possible.

Features: Access to all buttons and ports, Protects from damage and accidental drops.

Colors: Black, White.

Apple Smart Cover – Check Price

apple smart cover

A very popular and quality accessory for your iPad Mini. Smart Cover is really thin and magnetically aligns to provide a perfect fit. It automatically wakes and sleeps the device, and you can convert it to use as a stand to go hands-free. It provides different viewing angles for comfortable keyboard typing, FaceTime, etc. Its microfiber lining keeps the display clean and it comes in 6 vibrant colors.

Features: Really thin design, Magnetic connection, Sleeps and wakes the iPad, Stand for convenient viewing, keeps the display clean.

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink.

Cables & Connectors

The unique lightning port in iPad Mini when combined with the right connector/cable can do much more, on-the-go.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter – Check Price

lightning digital av adapter

You probably bought iPad Mini because of two major reasons, one – it’s affordable and second, it’s compact/smaller. Whatever the reasons maybe, but sometimes you’ll wish you had a bigger and better display. This is the situation when Lightning Digital AV Adapter will help you out. As it’s connected with the recently unveiled lightning port, it can be used with any of the Apple devices having lightning connector port, including iPad 4th generation, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPhone 5. It is used to mirror the device’s display on a larger screen with HDMI support, like TV, Projector, etc. in up to 1080p HD.

Lightning to USB Cable – Check Price

lightning to usb cable


This cable can be used to connect your iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad Mini or iPod Touch to your Mac or Windows PC and sync data easily.

Lightning to Micro USB Adapter – Check Price

lightning to micro usb adapter

Lightning to Micro USBĀ  Adapter lets you connect your Apple device with Lightning port to Micro USB cable and compatible chargers to sync data on your device or charge the battery.

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter – Check Price

lightning to 30-pin adapter

What if you have some accessories which only supports the outdated 30-pin connector? Don’t throw them away, please! The unique adapter will allow you to use all the accessories you bought for previous versions of Apple devices, with the latest lightning port.

Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader – Check Price

lightning to sd card camera reader

If you frequently use a digital or SLR camera instead of the built-in camera in your iPad Mini, for better quality pictures, this connector will surely impress you. All you need to do is, connect the cable first in lightning port on the Apple device then insert the SD card on the other side of the cable. Immediately after it, the device will open Photos app to let you choose which photos and videos to copy on the device. It supports all standard photo and video formats including HD video formats.


Jawbone JAMBOX – Check Price

jawbone jambox

Good things come in small packets, indeed. This speaker is too tiny to be so good! You can hold the amazing hi-fi sound system, in the palm of your hand. Though, the price might not fit in everyone’s budget. But if you’re an all time music lover, it’s worth the price. There is one really innovative feature, which is probably exclusive to this product only – It gets better with time. You just need to sync it with MyTALK and it will regularly download apps, software updates and latest features. As it’s works on wireless technology and it’s small enough to fit in your hand, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. It comes in various vibrant color combinations, and the built-in microphone just increases its functionality.

Breffo Spiderpodium – Check Price

breffo spiderpodium

This is one of its kind, unique stand not only for iPad Mini but for almost all products of dimensions as minimal as a cell phone to as large as Digital SLR cameras. It may or may not look good to you, but it’s definitely useful if you use more than one such product. Though, finding the right angle might be a little tricky sometimes. It is basically a spider-shaped flexible stand, which can be bent in any angle you wish to. At the same time, it’s tough enough to hold anything you fit in it.

Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount – Check Price

deluxe universal tablet headrest mount

If you have kids or you travel a lot, this might be a real good deal for you. On one hand, it’s helpful to keep kids engaged and quiet for hours at the back seat of your car. On the other hand, there are practically unlimited ways in which you can utilize it – when combined with your tablet. It is designed to fit any 7-inch to 12-inch tablet.

Hand Stylus – Check Price

hand stylus

The problem with most stylus available in market is – they too thin to be held and used properly. Hand Stylus is an innovative and durable product, to help you write or draw, like you do on paper using pen. If you use your iPad to draw sketches, I’d recommend you to give this accessory a try! The power of the Hand Stylus resides in the tip. It’s thoughtfully designed to provide just the best touch-experience.

Which is the best one from the accessories mentioned above for your iPad Mini? Do you want to recommend something to other users, which I missed? Let us know in your comments below.