Best iPad 3 Accessories

Have you ever imagined how a Man will look like in a simple Shirt and Jeans? Even better… A Woman without any accessories? Well, that’s kind of impossible. The point is, accessories increase the appearance and utility of every product but the right accessory, with the right product, for the right “need”, is required to utilize 100% of a product’s capacity. The product, in this case, is The New iPad. Undoubtedly, the iPad 3 is a great device to do your work and get the computer-like feeling on-the-go. Use these ‘extra’ yet useful products to increase the productivity and usability of you iPad tremendously. Check out the best iPad 3 accessories to use in 2012 – these are not limited to “2012” though.

best ipad 3 accessories

1. iPad Dock

ipad dock

iPad Dock is a stand with smart-looks for your iPad. It’s slim, and very useful. The Dock can charge and sync your tablet, plus it gives easy access to ports like charger, synchronization, audio line out, etc. The Dock also supports other iPad accessories. In short, it is a great way to use your portable device like a picture frame.

2. USB Power Adapter

usb power adapter

USB Power Adapter is a super convenient way for charging. It allows you to charge your iPad anywhere without any need of a computer. You can plug-in the charger to any electric socket/outlet. The best part is, the cable is 6-feet long. So, you can use the electric outlet at the corner of the room too.

3. Wireless Keyboard

apple wireless keyboard

Wireless Keyboard uses bluetooth to connect with your iPad and provide comfortable typing experience, like personal computer. This keyboard is compact and takes less space than the full size keyboards, it’s slim too. You can use it from anywhere, without any cord, but within the range, i.e. 30 feet.

4. Smart Cover

smart cover

Smart Cover is, indeed a smart way to protect and increase the usability. It is the best iPad 3 accessory according to me. First, it’s slim like every other product of Apple Inc. Second, it’s not just a cover! The magnetic connection helps the cover to align perfectly and stay ‘perfect’. When you close the smart cover, iPad sleeps and open it to wake it up. It can be used as a stand while typing, watching movie, and having video chat (FaceTime). So, you don’t need to carry the wireless keyboard and dock everywhere for convenience.

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5. Apple Earphones With Remote And Mic

apple earphones with remote and mic

Apple Earphones has all you need for convenience. Great sound quality plus buttons to control volume, music and video playback. You can even answer and reject the calls on an iPhone.

6. Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV lets you stream videos and other media on the iPad to HDTV. It supports 1080p HD videos, music and photos – from iCloud too. You can play videos from Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, and watch sports on demand or live.

7. Composite AV Cable

composite av cable

The composite AV cable is an Audio/Video cable to connect the iPad with your television. You can watch videos and slide shows on the bigger screen. The composite AV cable also includes audio and USB connectors. Audio connector is used to connect iPad 3 with stereo speakers and you can then start the party.

8. Camera Connection Kit

Camera Connection Kit

Utilize the gorgeous display of iPad 3 to view photos and videos in your camera, directly. The Camera Connection Kit allows you to import the data in your digital camera using two methods, either via Camera’s USB cable or directly from the SD memory card. It supports standard image formats and HD video formats, including MPEG-4.

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What are the best iPad 3 accessories according to you? Which one will you recommend from this list?