Get The Most out of Your Kindle – Big List of Free Tools and Apps

Whether you own the classic $69 Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite with crispy text display, you should get the most out of it – or at least make it good enough to save your time, better reading experience and manage your work.

Best Free Kindle Tools and Apps

Best Free Kindle Tools and Apps

Although, both the Kindle readers are pretty decent as an eReader right out of the box, but a few tips can enhance its usability and your reading experience. The following list consists of tools, apps and web apps. Therefore, you might need a data connection for some of them to work. On the other hand, a few will help you conserve data by saving webpages and documents for offline reading. You can use this feature to save pages when connected to a WiFi network (at home, office, cafe etc.), instead of consuming data on-the-go, which often struggle with poor speed and connection issues (sometimes).

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Kindle Cloud Reader

It’s not exactly a tool for your Kindle device, it’s actually for non-kindle devices. Then why am I  listing it here? It’s useful for you as well. When you don’t have access to your Kindle reader, or you forgot to bring it with you, it can still help you to continue reading without any trouble. You can access it from any computer (Windows/Mac) or a few other devices with a web browser and working internet connection. Of course, for free.

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Kindle Apps for Non-Kindle Devices

Cloud reader we mentioned above might not look decent to everyone, and it doesn’t work with every device as well. Also, some people may require something permanent and fast, which they can use anytime. For this, we need apps. To be specific, native apps – for every popular operating system and device. Thanks to Amazon, native apps for almost all major operating systems are available, and each one of them is absolutely free.

Kindle app is available for all smartphones, namely Android, iOS (both iPhone and iPod Touch), BlackBerry and the latest Windows Phone. Desktop apps for Mac and most Windows versions including XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 are available. Tablets are not left out either, iPad, Android tablets, and Windows 8 tablets are also supported.

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Kindle Previewer

Kindle Previewer

If you’re converting eBooks which are not properly formatted for Kindle readers, this is a perfect tool for you. It’s basically a emulator which shows how an eBook will look in different Kindle devices. It just saves your time, because you don’t need to upload files to your device for testing. You can check a bunch of eBooks and choose the one, which looks perfect and transfer it to your device. It’s also a really useful tool for publishers to check how their books will appear across different Kindle devices. It is compatible with Mac and Windows PCs.

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Calibre lets you convert different eBooks formats. Though, a couple of advantages are that you can remove DRM from eBooks to allow converting. We’re not lawyers here, so make sure it’s legal before you proceed (at your own risk). All we know is, there is a pool full or debates whether removing DRM is legal or not. You can also use Calibre to convert Google books for Kindle readers.

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Do you read news, articles, blogs etc. online? Of course you do! You’re reading one right now. SENDtoREADER is a simple bookmarklet, which lets you send webpages wirelessly to your Kindle device with just one click for reading. It’s particularly helpful when you’re busy doing your work, and you find a link to a webpage you want to read. You can just send it to Kindle and read it later at your convenience. Since, it’s just a bookmarklet, it is compatible with almost all browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.



The name tells what it’s created to do – put everything in Pocket. Formerly it was called “Read it Later”, and it’s still useful for people like me who reads lot of stuff, and would miss most things if Pocket were not there. It’s similar to SENDtoREADER we discussed above, the only different is – it’s better! Those who need simple functions can use the tool mentioned above, but if you need more features use Pocket. Using this app, you can save webpages for reading later, offline.

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There are practically unlimited ways to send pages to your Kindle (or other supported) device. Some of the mostly used ways are, via email, Bookmarklet, Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, etc. Instapaper is a close competitor of this tool, and has one advantage over it. Instapaper allows sending automated scheduled digest of the stuff you like. You can consider Periodicals too, which is quite new but is developed by the same entity we just discussed.

Get Pocket Google Reader Settings

If you use Google Reader to subscribe to various RSS feeds and read updates, can improve the way you read it. It can send subscriptions in your Google Reader, directly to your Amazon Kindle for reading. It’s automated, that means you can schedule when and which updates to send. You’ll need your Kindle email address to use this service, which is free for but paid for email with whispersync support.



It may sound similar to the tools we listed above, but one feature makes it unique. What’s similar? It lets you send webpages to your Kindle device directly from the web browser. What’s unique? Choose a bunch of webpages and voila! There is an eBook in your Kindle device with all the webpages you chose. It compiles the webpages to one eBook and sends it for reading later at your convenience.

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Send Documents, PowerPoint presentations, Images (and more) to Kindle

There is no requirement of third-party apps for doing this, it’s in-built already in your Kindle device. Did you know about it? All you need to do is, open Personal Document Settings from Manage Your Kindle page, and you’ll see an email assigned to you by Amazon. You can easily send documents, presentations, images, text files, PDF files and even webpages for offline reading to your email address assigned by Amazon.

Get Loads of Free eBooks

To can get the most our of your Kindle, you need loads and loads of eBooks – for reading, of course. And Amazon book store is not the only place to get them. There are many other websites from where you can choose eBooks from unlimited titles. You don’t need to worry about the format, we already mentioned a few tools to take care of that. Some of the popular places to start searching free eBooks are Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, Many Books, and Amazon itself. The easiest way to search for free eBooks on Amazon is, sort the results by price (low to high). There are practically unlimited sources, you can use Google Search to get what you want.

What are you waiting for? Start reading! Make your Kindle a personal library with amazing eBooks collection using these free tools and apps. Do let us know if we missed something from the list, we’ll add it if it’s good enough for your Kindle.