7 Best Free Apps for Nexus 7 + Awesome Premium Games

What was your first reaction when you heard that Google’s Jelly Bean tablet has 12-core GPU? Some people was totally surprised, while some (mostly critics) said, “it’s total rubbish, why would someone need a 12-core GPU?” Despite the mixed reactions, when they checked the price, almost everyone was impressed. There were many speculations about how Google made such a powerful tablet at insanely low price. What matters is, it can handle heavy graphics easily. We’ve listed some apps and games to show-off the powerful GPU and utilize the capacity of the tablet to the fullest.

best free apps for nexus 7

You might not know that fact that it is specifically made to be able to run every app in Google Play store, that just makes it the best Android tablet to buy at this price range. Unlike Samsung, you can expect timely software updates of new Android versions, which is a major issue for many people. Let’s move to the list of best free apps for Nexus 7. I have not listed the default apps like Google Chrome, which comes pre-installed, for obvious reasons. We’re here to show-off the GPU, so games first…

1. The Dark Knight Rises

the dark knight rises

Recently launched by GameLoft, inspired by the movie which broke all records. This massive game will occupy almost 2GB of your tablet’s storage. But you’re supposed to save Gotham City, does the size of some files matter?

Download The Dark Knight Rises

2. Grand Theft Auto III

grand theft auto 3

One of the most popular game for PC, on your tablet. I call it all in one package, why? Well, when you feel like playing a racing game, pick up a car, get, set and go! Feeling like playing a shooting game? Choose a gun, start taking head-shots. Plus, it’s fun when you’re free to do anything, anywhere, anytime.

Download Grand Theft Auto III

3. Fruit Ninja THD

fruit ninja

I guess this game does not need any introduction. It’s not only awesome, but super-addictive too. Act like a Ninja, cut the fruits, make combo’s, play crazy, and watch out for bombs! Even Ninja can’t survive when they blast.

Download Fruit Ninja THD [Discontinued]


shadowgun thd

Tegra HD version of SHADOWGUN, by MADFINGER Games is a must have if you like shooting games. The THD version looks super cool. In the non-HD version, you won’t get dynamic textures, particle effects and graphics that makes the gaming crystal clear.


5. Max Payne Mobile

max payne mobile

Another must have game from Rockstar Games Inc. Personally, it is one of my favorite shooting game. The slow motion gameplay and Bullet Time is a few of the features which makes Max Payne stand apart from the crowd.

Download Max Payne Mobile


gears and guts

You might not have heard of this, but it’s one the top rated game in the Play store. The scene moves around Zombies, who have taken over the area where the character lives. You need to kill them. Unlike other games, there is no human-like character but a car loaded with guns. So, you can get the fun of shooting and car driving in one package. Turn on the engine, and go aggressive. Kill ’em all!

Download GEARS & GUTS

Enough gaming for now. Lets move to something productive, and fulfil some requirements to make your life easier and help you work efficiently. Best apps, on your way. Oh! by the way, these are absolutely free.

1. NVIDIA TegraZone

nvidia tegrazone

Okay, I wasn’t completely done with gaming. It’s the last one – and the best one. TegraZone can help you find great games, which are exclusively built for Tegra processors. To make your graphics unit work at its full potential, to deliver just what you want, this app is all you need.

Download NVIDIA TegraZone

2. WordPress for Android


If you’re a blogger or have a website based on WordPress, this is a must have app. Using this app you can manage posts and comments, write new posts, edit/delete comments, etc. It can make blogging on-the-go. This app supports both self-hosted and WordPress.com blogs.

Download WordPress

3. Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google itself. After the launch of this service, Google has merged its docs service with it. You can save important data, photos, documents, etc. on the cloud securely. So, even if you lose all your devices, your data will be safe and can be accessed from anywhere – all you need is a device with internet connectivity.

Download Google Drive

4. Dropbox


Dropbox is yet another popular cloud storage service, which is in existence before Google Drive. With Dropbox, you get 2GB of storage with free account, but Google offers 5GB instead. The good thing is, the free storage can be expanded upto 18GB in Dropbox, by referring your friends.

Download Dropbox

5. Evernote


Evernote is one of the top rated and most downloaded free app to improve your productivity and efficiency. You can use it as your secondary brain – not literally. It is also cloud based service, but only for reminders. You can add voice reminders, take photos, enter text, add to-do lists, etc.

Download Evernote

6. Pulse News

pulse news

It is a beautiful way to read news. This app arranges news from the blogs/sites you like in an appealing way, and provides some features to make your reading experience hassle-free. You can save news to read later, and it also provides integration with Evernote. It lets you easily share articles on popular social networking sites too.

Download Pulse News

7. Skype


If you live far away from your family, friends or loved ones, you probably wish to see them whenever you get some time. You should utilize the front camera of Nexus 7 to see your family’s faces on the go, say them hi or kiss your little baby.

Download Skype

Did I miss something? Let me know in your comments below. Stay in touch for more apps, games, and awesome stuff.