5 Best iPhone 4S Accessories – 2012

You know the best thing about Apple products, like iPhone, iPad and iPod? You get to choose the accessories from a huge pool. Due to this only, the number of varieties increase. However, it also creates confusion and the best ones are often missed out. Lucky you! Here is a list of 5 best iPhone 4S accessories. Wait! Don’t close the tab only because you have an older iPhone. Most of these will work on your iDevice too. Let’s start.

1. FabShell Burton Case

fabshell burton case

In one word, unique. Though, I’m pretty sure some people won’t like it because it does not have metallic finish. We’ve seen plastic and metal cases, but this one is made up of something you wear – Fabric. FabShell Burton by Speck Products has vibrant fabric back, which just makes it stand out of the crowd. It’s colorful and slim, with custom patterns. It fits both iPhone 4S and 4 perfectly. You can say the price is too much, but don’t you think the fabric case is cool enough?

2. Freedom i-Connex Mini Keyboard

freedom i-connex mini keyboard

If you really need a keyboard for some reason, this i-Connex Mini Keyboard is what you need. You can call it Super-Mini keyboard too. It’s almost as small as your phone. The dimensions are 4.5 x 2.375 inches with just 0.75-inch thickness. You can conveniently put it in your pocket with the phone, and take it anywhere. It’s ultra-portable with exactly the keys you need – no rubbish stuff. It runs on Bluetooth v2.0, powered by an integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The company claims up to 300 hours of use when fully charged. By the way, it’s compatible with iPhone 3GS too.

3. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset

jabra sport headset

The best accessory for a sporty person. Whether you’re playing or jogging, put them on, play some good music and have fun. It’s comfortable, small and provides great functionality. You don’t need to take out your iPhone every time there is an incoming call, or you want to switch to FM radio because you forgot to update your playlist. Just push the button, and you’re good to go. It has integrated FM radio, shock, rain and dust protection.

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4. ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone Case

zerochroma teatro-s iphone case

This is the most useful case if you like being hands-free very often. It has a built-in stand which offers more than enough modes and angles. Whether you want to put the phone in portrait mode or landscape mode to play videos, movies, or even games – it has the most comfortable angle for every purpose. The kickstand has a rubbery tip, which helps it to keep your iPhone at its place. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your device after accidentally dropping it on the ground, the cover will protect it from damages.

5. Proporta TurboCharger Back Pack

proporta turbocharger back pack

Yet another case, probably the most needed one. It’s a case for your iPhone and a portable mobile charger as well. Did somebody just said, “shut up and take my money?” Well, that was my first reaction. How does it actually work? It looks and works like a normal case, but there is a push button at the back. When you press that button, the phone will start charging – no matter where you are. Proporta TurboCharger Back Pack has 1700 mAh power storage, which is enough to change Apple iPhone 4 more than one time. What else you need? And it will not make your phone look bulky. It’s quite compact, but offers great utility. Here is a quick video, take a look.