10 Best Free Games for Android Phones and Tablets [August 2013]

Mobile phone gaming has witnessed a tremendous revolution with the advent of Android smartphones. The inbuilt motion sensors incredibly enhance the exuberance of playing the games. It has been observed that more and more people are showing their interest in playing online games. Not just kids or teens but also adults are getting attracted towards games that can be enjoyed on Android phones. Nowadays people are going for phones that can allow them to enjoy games. Young generation is just seem to be crazy for these games and are enjoying them every now and then on their mobile phones. If you are also a game lover and are planning to buy a new handset for your own self then make sure you look at the gadget reviews online which will help you in making the right decision and in buying a perfect handset for your own self.

Let’s check out the best free Android games these days!

1. Robo Defense

robo defense free

Robo Defense is free to download and has been loved by the game players from quite some time. It is basically a tower defense game which has different mappings and 11 stages of difficulties.

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2. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja free

This game is basically a training game. The main goal of the player is to train ninja for cutting fruits. Okay, I was kidding. This game is free to download. However, paid versions are also available.

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3. PapiJump


PapiJump is probably the simplest game made for android phones. The game comprises of jumping from one platform to the other with a smiley face. The game is a real fun to play. It somewhat resembles Doritos.

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4. Flying High

flying high

As the name suggests, it is a flying game. The player can play the game with dual goals. The game is tricky and exciting. Prolonged practices shall train the player exorbitantly.

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5. Vampires Live

vampires live

It is one of the most famous games available for android phones. The game comprises of a lowly vampire who suddenly became extremely powerful. The game aims at defeating the vampire.

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6. Bacteria

bacteria free edition

The game comprises of the enemy bacteria which aims to wreck the cells of the player. The appearance of the cells is much similar to the real ones. One has to protect the cells for in order to reach the next level.

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7. Moonlight Runner

moonlight runner

The game comprises of gathering some objects along with avoiding enemies. The graphics are interesting and dark in color with the sound of guitar as the background music.

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8. Ironfell


The game is carefully developed by the experienced manufacturers. It resembles Minicraft to some extent. In case of Minicraft, the player is free to build anything he wants. No however ironfell does not comprise of boundaries like Minicraft had. One of the best part about ironfell is that the player can use the power of imagination in this game.

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9. Ikaruga


The game Ikaruga is quite an innovative one. It has made people leave Xbox live arcade and join Android game market. Ikaruga is one of the most successful games in Android because it consists of flawless user interface along with informative visuals. This game comprises of entering in the town of landscape and using a protective shield which would help one to resist blows to the ship as well as emanate fire and destroy foes.

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10. Dungeon Quest

dungeon quest

Another promising android game for mobile phones is dungeon quest. The game has peculiar features that turn it highly amiable amongst the players. The current beta format promises the Android users with further development in the game. The game renders the players with the skill to collect stolen money or goods with the aim of becoming most powerful wizard in order to combat with the evils.

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Which game did you find most addictive? Share your high scores below!