Android Application Development

Android LogoOur expertise and experience in Android application development brings your business closer to customers. With over 2 billion active users, having an Android app is essential for any brand today.

Our team is well-equipped and updated with trends & technologies required for creating user-friendly Android applications. Years of experience, skilled team, and knowledge enables us to build your customized app as per your requirements. It is built to work seamlessly on wide range of Android devices and tablets. We perform all sorts of tests in real world conditions to make sure the app performs perfectly under edge cases as well.

At Creotix, we thrive to create solutions which are scalable, secure, and user-friendly. From designing to deployment, monitoring key metrics, and implementing user feedback – we hold expertise at each level to provide you with highest return on investment. We use best in industry tools for monitoring and reporting development and usage metrics.

Our Development Process:

  1. Defining requirements: First we discuss your requirements, your goals, and vision. This is the most important stage. Once we know everything about your project idea and your vision for it, then only both of us can be on the same team. Defining requirements, project scope, timelines, etc. helps reduce rework, conflicts and issues during development process. We also communicate every minor detail at this stage itself to maintain complete transparency.
  2. Designing: Once requirements are approved, then the designers bring it to life. We create static mockups or interactive mockups as per the requirements. These mockups help everyone on the team to understand the user-interface and optimize the designs for optimum user-experience before any code is written. Having exact designs of the Android app at this stage helps reduce development time and costs dramatically.
  3. Development: Finalized designs are then passed on to the development team – to do their magic. With the help of some code and caffeine, developers deliver the app within specified time duration. We follow coding standards and code review process to make sure the app is programmed in scalable and secure manner.
  4. Testing: After development and white-box testing, it’s time for the final stage of development which is crucial for a robust Android app – testing. We offer manual as well as automation testing to eliminate any issues which may occur under live conditions. The app is testing on different real devices to make sure it works as expected in any Android version and device. Any issues detected during testing are fixed within no time.
  5. Deployment: The day arrives. Everyone in the team loves the app, and it works seamlessly. We’re ready to launch it for the public. We offer dedicated assistance for publishing the app on Google Play store.
  6. Monitoring & support: Publishing the app on Google Play store does not relieve us from our duties. It is very important to monitor user feedback, usage metrics, and other data to detect any issue before it’s too late. Need any help? We’re available!

Why us for Android Application Development?

  • Many years of development experience.
  • Highly skilled manpower with perfect work-flow.
  • Special focus on scalability, security, and testing.
  • Keep check on app’s memory and data usage to maintain optimum user-experience.
  • Detailed documentation and milestones.
  • Fair and attractive pricing without any hidden charges.
  • Regular and transparent reporting.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Testing on various real devices to ensure quality.
  • Attractive maintenance & support offers.

We have worked closely with various companies and startups from industries like, e-commerce, media, etc. to bring their products & services to mobile users. Having low investment and high returns, Android application is essential for the growth of most of the businesses today. We have developed apps with material design, localization & multilingual support, custom layouts & design, real-time chat, payment gateway integration, order tracking, etc. Our team is capable of handling challenges and delivering solutions which stand out.

We’re excited to work with you! Contact us now to discuss your project idea.

 Our Clients:

Revine Outfits
CBD Hemp Source
AKG Affordable Housing
Jain Connect
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