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How Technology is Changing the Face of Education

In this rapidly changing world, everything is getting dependent on technology. Even education also cannot escape the impact of technology and EdTech marketing specialists has helped to bring awareness to this. From educational tablets to laptop, desktop, online courses available on the internet today helps a lot of people to learn free of cost. Learning…
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Don’t Just Save Energy, Build It!

AIRE Concept
Seriously, start building energy yourself – saving it isn’t enough. And all you need to do is breathe – as simple as that. As long as you’re breathing, you’re generating electricity. There’s no catch. What we’re talking about is called AIRE Concept. It is a mask designed by João Paulo Lammoglia, which converts the air…
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What is Tizen OS?

tizen os home screen
First things first, Tizen OS is an open source (not really!) project backed by Linux Foundation, Intel, Samsung and the Tizen developer community. It aims for devices including mobile phones, tablets, net-books, smart TVs, and basically everything similar to Android – you just need to know how to do it. To know more about what…
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Rewarding IT Careers with Better Knowledge

Information Technology - IT
Technological innovation has penetrated almost every element of our lifestyles – from companies which relies on it to run their procedures to knowledge which uses it nicely for finding new ways of providing knowledge as well as improving its archive. Those who want to begin the interesting, ever-changing globe and always work with technological innovation…
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Benefits of Using Stock Images in Blogging

Stock Images - Benefits in Blogging
Blogging and Stock photography form a unique blend if synchronized perfectly well. You are right, if you call Stock Photography to be an art that both the owners of cool gizmos and writers of blogs get addicted to. Compiling and submitting your blog with numerous photos that form ‘picture perfect’ in the modern times is…
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Why Open Source Design (Powered by Linux) is Better?

why open source software is better
Many mobile users are now able to experience Linux on their devices. This is possible as many mobile manufactures are now offering Linux as an open source (OS) on the devices they produce. The options are many, allowing users to now select which distribution they want to run on their device. Choosing one option has…
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