Benefits of Using Stock Images in Blogging

Stock Images - Benefits in Blogging
Blogging and Stock photography form a unique blend if synchronized perfectly well. You are right, if you call Stock Photography to be an art that both the owners of cool gizmos and writers of blogs get addicted to. Compiling and submitting your blog with numerous photos that form ‘picture perfect’ in the modern times is…
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10+1 Online Shopping Security Tips to Avoid Fraud

According to the Press Release published by comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) last month, the United States spent $42.3 billion on online shopping during the winter holiday season in 2012. The trend of shopping online is increasing every year among the consumers, which is giving a chance to scammers to fraudulently make money by cheating innocent people.…
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Why Open Source Design (Powered by Linux) is Better?

why open source software is better
Many mobile users are now able to experience Linux on their devices. This is possible as many mobile manufactures are now offering Linux as an open source (OS) on the devices they produce. The options are many, allowing users to now select which distribution they want to run on their device. Choosing one option has…
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How to Promote iPhone App – 31 Best Ways

ways to promote iphone app
No matter how useful app you develop, if your voice couldn’t reach the users, nobody will bother to see what’s inside. Even if you make your app free with the thought that it’ll attract more users, you’re absolutely wrong! Making it free might attract a little extra users than it would have got as a…
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How to Target Website Traffic by Country

website traffic by country
If you’re a webmaster, blogger, or SEO expert you probably know how important it is to target the right people, of right country. A completely stupid person will target Indian readers for a website in Chinese language. But we can’t call every such person ‘stupid’, he/she might not know how to target the people of…
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How to Migrate from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail to

migrate from yahoo gmail hotmail to outlook
Microsoft has taken another step to make everything look like Windows 8’s interface. The beautiful metro style user-interface is now available for your mailbox too, is the thing! Check this short video to get a look. If you have already created an account there, you would have noticed that the UI is nice and…
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Facebook For WordPress Plugin Download – Official

facebook for wordpress download
Finally! Facebook has launched its own plugin for WP users. You may wonder, why? Well, in one line – this is all you need now. Many people, mainly bloggers, use two or more than two plugins or custom code to show buttons for Like, Recommend, Send, Share, etc. Now, you can get everything… in fact…
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