How to Target Website Traffic by Country

If you’re a webmaster, blogger, or SEO expert you probably know how important it is to target the right people, of right country. A completely stupid person will target Indian readers for a website in Chinese language. But we can’t call every such person ‘stupid’, he/she might not know how to target the people of China.

website traffic by country

If you’re a total noob, and don’t know what is website traffic targeting – read this. In simple words, when you want to target a specific country for a website from search engines you need to follow some tips. Using these tips, you can improve your website’s ranking in SERP of that particular country. So, when someone from the country will search for something, he will get results relevant to his region. For example, when you search for “iPhone price” on Google from USA, you’ll see the links to websites which have the price of iPhone in USA. Similarly, search from some other country and you’ll get results relevant to that country.

Enough basics, let’s move to the point. There are some factors which decide a website’s ranking in different regions/countries. I’ve listed them below with some tips to target website traffic by country like, USA, UK, India, China, etc.

Domain Selection

The first thing you do when starting a website, of any type, is decide a domain name. It is preferred to have a name which explains your site’s purpose. For example, if you have a baby care blog then you might consider buying The biggest mistake one can do is, buy a domain which doesn’t suit the website’s content like, for clothing related blog. Whatever name you decide, it should be relevant to the people of the country you want to target. If you have a brand name, that leaves no choice for you to change the domain name.

The second, but very important thing you should consider is the domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.). It is a major ranking factor for region based websites. If there is no compulsion of getting a .com domain for your site, you should consider buying the top-level domain of the country you want to target for traffic. If you want to target Indian visitors, you can buy a or .in domain. For UK visitors, is suitable. You can get the list of domain extensions easily from Google Search.

Google Webmaster Tools

Whatever extension you choose, this is another crucial step to set location of your customers. If you’ve noticed, Google shows country name after the link in SERP for some sites. That’s because, the webmasters of those websites has specified that this website is relevant for this country. If you use Google Webmaster Tools, you can easily set the location. To do so, log-in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and select the website. After that, go to Configuration -> Settings from the menu at the left. On the screen you can see the first option, “Geographic Target” set the country you want to target visitors from. And, that’s it.

geographic target gwt

Country Targeted Content

The content is what matters. Even if you have done everything, but fail to provide brilliant content to the visitors, you can never succeed. Brilliant content’s definition changes a little in this context. Generally, we say content should be good enough, provide full information with maximum accuracy, easily readable and understandable by everyone. But when you want a country’s visitors only, you should provide content relevant to that particular region. It should not be like, you’re targeting US visitors and writing about products launched in China. Also, you can add extra keywords to your pages. For example, if you have a page with title “Apple iPad price”, you can change it to “Apple iPad price in USA” to target US readers.

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Directories and Search Engines

There are many website directories on the web, which enlist the sites by categories and region. And some are country/area specific directories are available too. You can submit your site’s URL to the local directories of the country and local search engines. It does not only categorize your site, but you also get a backlink to your website. We’ll talk about the importance of backlinks in a moment.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking sites are playing a vital role in traffic maximization and reputation building of websites these days. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. allows you to post links to your fan page/account, and those links can be seen by your followers on their home page instantly. You can take advantage, and get some followers from the country you want to get traffic from. If you have no idea how to get followers from a specific part of the world, you can search on Google or spend some bucks to buy services. Some people provide services like these, find them!

Link Building

If you know even a little about SEO, you probably know that links to your site is another important ranking factor. The more links you have to your webpages, the better ranking you will get. But remember, there is a thin line. If you cross that, then it’s called spamming. And Panda and Penguin likes to eat spammers a lot. beware!

Email Promotion

If you have email addresses of people, properly organized by region – you have an advantage here. The chances of getting loyal customers from email campaigns are higher, as almost everyone reads what drops in their inbox. Again, you can hire someone to do the job for you.


One more ‘paid’ way to target visitors of any part of the world – advertisements. You can sign-up for Adwords or similar sites, pay as per your requirements and get your ads live on the web. The main advantage of ads campaign is, you can set the location for the ads. For instance, if you set China then only visitors from China will see the ads – nobody else.

Website Loading Speed

I won’t ‘highly’ recommend you to do this, if you face any kind of trouble. But, if you can do it easily, you should consider it. It is believed that webpages’ loading speed is a factor to decide website’s ranking. You can increase the loading speed for the visitors of the region you want to target, by moving your site’s servers near to them. If your customers are located in USA and your site’s servers are in India, then your site’s loading speed will be slower in USA as compared to India. As you’re not targeting people of India, you should move your site somewhere in USA for better customer experience.

Do you know some other way to target website traffic by country? Tell us in your comments.