How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Android (And Vice-Versa)

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The best thing about switching from one phone to another is that you get many cool features. Some of them kill your time, some save it. Suppose, you were using iPhone since a long time, but you got bored with it. Now you bought Nexus, to taste some Android Jelly Bean and the ‘better’ voice assistant. You liked some features, customization capabilities and the new user-interface. Despite the advantages and so-called Siri-killer, it was a nightmare. Why? For only one reason, all the contacts were on your previous device and you couldn’t find a way to sync contacts from iPhone to Android.

sync contacts from iphone to android

Somehow you managed to transfer contacts from iPhone, what if you intend to use both devices and keep the contacts in sync “always”? Well, things might get a little fishy there. But, don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem, which is easy to carry out but hard to find. Lucky you, you already found it – right here!

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

First you need to enable ‘sync contacts to Google account’ on Android phone, if not already enabled. You can find the option in Settings -> Accounts & Sync. Once saved, select “sync now” to initiate syncing, if automatic synchronization is disabled. I recommend to enable the option, and let the device do the job automatically. That’s all from Android’s side.

Connect iPhone to computer – that’s one thing everyone don’t like about Apple. Open iTunes, which will then download all the contacts from your Google account. Just go to Contacts page, hit the menu button and click “Merge with Google”. You’re done. iTunes will then transfer the contacts to your device.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Again, almost the same procedure needs to be followed. Connect iPhone to iTunes, go to “syncing options” from Menu -> info. Choose Gmail from “Sync contacts with” menu. It will then ask you to enter your Google account’s username and password, after successful authentication, your contacts will be uploaded to Gmail.

Thankfully, there is not much trouble with Android. Just go t Settings -> Account and Sync and enable contacts sync in Google account. If you’ve disabled automatic synchronization, do the task manually. All of your iOS contacts will be on Android in a while.

How to Keep Contacts in Sync Between iPhone and Android 24 x 7

Make sure you have Google contacts synchronization enabled on your Android device. Again, that’s all you need to do from this end. Follow these steps to set up Apple.

  1. On your iPhone, add a Microsoft Exchange account from Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Add account.
  2. It will then ask you to enter your account information. Enter your full Gmail address in username and email field, leave domain blank and type your password in the appropriate box. Select next.
    Note: If you’re using 2-step verification, you’ll need to specify an application specific password first.
  3. If you get unable to verify certificate dialog box, click cancel. A new screen will appear and ask you to enter server address. Input and go to next.
  4. On this screen, enable contacts sync and confirm it. Follow the instructions, and you’re done.
  5. For more help, head to the dedicated topic at Google Support.

You can also use this app developed by Playa Apps, called Contacts Sync for Google Gmail. The reason I didn’t mention it at first place is, it’s not free. The choice is yours, if you want to use the app do it.

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