How to Migrate from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail to

Microsoft has taken another step to make everything look like Windows 8’s interface. The beautiful metro style user-interface is now available for your mailbox too, is the thing! Check this short video to get a look.

If you have already created an account there, you would have noticed that the UI is nice and clean. It also has some great features and integration with social networks like, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Now what comes in mind is, almost everyone has an email ID on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or somewhere else… Who will sign up for another one, and tell their hundreds of contacts that I’ve changed my email address.

Theoretically you can say, just create a new account, copy contacts and tell everyone to update their address book. But practically, I don’t think it’s possible to change an account you’ve been using for years. Even if you try the ‘theoretical’ way, you’ll have to check both the mailboxes every time, because not everyone will stop mailing on your ‘years-old email’. What now? Double-trouble! Sign in to both accounts every time, keep telling people to stop sending mails on old account and blah blah…

migrate from yahoo gmail hotmail to outlook

Well, that’s not going to happen. There is a way to migrate from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail to, no matter how many contacts you have or how frequently you receive emails. There is no compulsion to tell everyone about the change. Plus, the migration process is not limited to the mentioned email service providers. It just need to be POP3 enabled, and you’re good to go. First things first, Why should you change email to

  1. It’s new so there are a lot of unused usernames available. You can get whatever you want instead of something like The probability is very high that will be available.
  2. The UI is very nice and refreshing.
  3. Integration with social networks and Skype.
  4. You current email service does not satisfy you.
  5. You are using Hotmail, which is now old school.
  6. …Because YOU CAN!

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That said, but every other person has their own needs. How can you satisfy yours? In simple words, suppose you want to change only the interface but don’t want to change your current email address. Someone else would like to completely switch their current mail provider, already received emails, current address, user-interface… Just everything! Is there a flexible solution?

Tada! There is a solution for everyone. You can switch to for two purpose:

  1. Changing the UI – Your current email address and other details won’t change. In this way, you’ll get to use the metro-style look without any trouble of telling the world that you’ve changed something.
  2. Just everything – still without the trouble of telling the world and checking both mailboxes every time. Using this method, you’ll change every single detail related to your email to

Lets start!

Migrate from Gmail to

  1. First you need to check if you have POP3 enabled. Though, it is enabled by default for every user. Login to Gmail, go to mail settings by choosing “settings” from the menu that appears after clicking the ‘gear-icon‘ below your image at the top-right corner.
  2. Navigate to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP“. Make sure you have selected “Enable POP for all mail“. Save any changes if you changed anything.
  3. That’s all from Gmail’s side. Now scroll down to “Setting up the new email ID” for further steps.

Migrating Gmail

Migrate from Yahoo Mail to

Again, the same procedure as it was for Gmail, but there is a catch. Unfortunately, Yahoo Mail does not allow POP and email forwarding services for free, you need to upgrade to Yahoo! Mail Plus to avail the services. If you have Yahoo! Mail Plus, you can check POP settings from Options -> Mail Options -> POP & Forwarding. Now, follow the instructions below.

Setting up New Email ID:

First thing you need to do is, sign-up for a new account on After completing the sign-up process, log-in to your account and follow these steps to transfer past and future emails of your non-outlook account.

  1. Click on the gear-icon at the top-right corner of the window. Select “More mail settings” from the menu. On the next screen, select “sending/receiving email from other from other accounts”  from Managing your account heading.
    step 1
  2. Click “Add an email account“. Enter your full email address (eg. and password of the account you want to switch from. Click Next.
    step 2
    Note: It might give some sort of error. In that case, please check the account you’re trying to get mails from. When I tried to do this, Gmail considered it as unauthorized access and blocked the same. There is nothing to worry about, there will be instructions to allow access. Just follow them properly.
  3. If the above step doesn’t work, you can click on “Advanced Options” and enter the details.
    step 3
  4. The process will take time, be patient. After it gets completed, you can choose whether you want the emails to appear in a new folder, or in your inbox. Do it, and move on.
    step 4
  5. It will then start downloading emails. The time depends on the number of mails you have. The larger the number, the more the waiting.
    step 5

That’s it! You have successfully switched to the metro style UI. Now, you have two options as I mentioned earlier. If you want to use email from now on, send everyone a short message as a request to update their address book. Of course, not all of them will do that immediately. Also, all the newsletters you’ve subscribed to will still drop in your old account. But hey! All those mails will now get transferred to this account. So, you don’t need to open that not-so-pleasant interface again.

If you just like the interface, and don’t want to leave your current email address… Follow step-1 in setting up new email ID procedure, again. You can see the heading “You can send mail from these accounts” on the page. Below that, there will be an option to make default ‘from’ address, choose your current non-outlook email from that and you’re good to go. Now, every time you’ll send a mail will be sent “from” your current email, not email. For example, if your current ID is, people will receive mail from not from

If you don’t want to create it a default ‘from’ address, you can choose from which email address to send the mail every time you compose a new mail.

default email

Migrate from Hotmail to

If you’re using Hotmail, you can upgrade to metro style UI in one-click. Just go to Options and select “Upgrade to”. But, it will not change your email ( To do that, you’ll need to create an alias – that’s the simplest way to switch from Hotmail to Outlook. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to “More mail settings“.
  2. Select “Create an Outlook alias” and choose an appropriate username.
  3. It will then ask you if you want to create a new folder or not. Do what you like.
  4. You will get an email saying that your new alias is ready.
  5. Again, you can make it default “from” address from the mail options. Read the last paragraph just above this part for details.

create alias

Transferring Contacts

Transferring existing contacts in your account is a very important and fortunately, very easy task. Just move your pointer to the Outlook logo and click on the arrow next to it. Choose “people” from the list, and then select from where you’d like to import contacts. Follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can export your existing contacts to a .csv file and import it here.

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transfer contacts

All set! Now, you have all your existing emails, contacts, etc. in the new clean metro style UI by Microsoft. Post your experience or problems in comments below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and welcome them to the new refreshing UI!