Facebook For WordPress Plugin Download – Official

Finally! Facebook has launched its own plugin for WP users. You may wonder, why? Well, in one line – this is all you need now. Many people, mainly bloggers, use two or more than two plugins or custom code to show buttons for Like, Recommend, Send, Share, etc. Now, you can get everything… in fact more than that, in just one plugin! You can easily integrate Facebook features in WordPress, plus it’s official. Read what’s new in it and then download Facebook for WordPress plugin.

Facebook WordPress plugin

Post Updates To Your Fan Page Immediately:

After installing and completing configuration, you can publish your posts directly on your timeline and fan page. You can specify custom text, and when you will publish the post on your blog, you don’t need to share the URL on your fan page manually. The plugin will do the job, immediately. See these images for better understanding.

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Publish to Creotix Timeline


Post To Your Timeline, Friend’s Timeline Or…

You can post updates on your profile, your friend’s timeline or other fan pages’ timeline – without even opening your Facebook account. Just input the caption, friend’s name, or fan page’s title (it works exactly like @mention), and immediately after you publish the post on your blog, the update will reach specified profiles and fan pages.


Once you mention a friend, after publishing the article, their name will appear on the article. You can change where it appears, top of the article, bottom or both. Take a look at this image:

Mention Appears on Post

Open Graph

Did you notice how the link of your post appears in news feed when you share it on your timeline? If you didn’t, it shows the title, description, image and above all this, it says, “Your name shared a link”. For example, if I share a link on my profile, it will appear like, “Kalpit Jain shared a link”. With this plugin and a little configuration in the app, the text will change to: “Kalpit Jain published an article at Creotix.com”

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It’s a good thing because, it will distinguish your article from other links. It will also help people to notice your posts and check them.

All In One Plugin

Apart from the features mentioned above, this plugin has all the features of Facebook. The plugin’s settings page allows you to enable or disable every feature or button. You can customize the location, appearance and size of every button. Add or remove any button like, “Send”, “recommend”, “Like”, “Subscribe”; or social plugins of Facebook like, “Recommendations Bar”, “Comments Box”, etc.

settings page


If you are using Facebook social plugins, I mean all of them, then it’s a good alternative for you. Just uninstall all plugins and codes, and install just one! On the other hand, if you have not integrated much with the social network, it might not be a good thing for your blog. Also, at once you may thing it has everything you need, but you’re wrong. Where is the Like Box? Live Stream? You still have to add them manually.

Facebook For WordPress Plugin Download, or Learn More…

Do you think it’s a good alternative? Will you use it on your website?