How Technology is Changing the Face of Education

In this rapidly changing world, everything is getting dependent on technology. Even education also cannot escape the impact of technology and EdTech marketing specialists has helped to bring awareness to this. From educational tablets to laptop, desktop, online courses available on the internet today helps a lot of people to learn free of cost.

Learning at a Global Platform

Education is no longer confined to a single platform, people can access any educational related topics from anywhere now. Some institutions offer online courses to be pursued online. Studying a particular course that is available in some other country can easily be accessible through the internet.

Online Assessment

With the advancement in technology, now companies and institutions can save a huge amount of time by conducting online test that’s why most of the institutes now offer online examination, so that you don’t have to travel a lot for an examination. Online tests allow people to know their test result within seconds.
Students who are pursuing distance education, online examination is very much helpful for them and for the universities too. To conduct offline examinations, it involves lots of money, lots of invigilators and to conduct an online test they don’t have to spend a lot on these things.

Fast access to study materials

You don’t have to carry any of your heavy Math textbooks or the huge amount of printed stuffs. You just have to browse the internet for these study materials, and it will be on your screen within a second.

Student-Teacher Interaction

Now teachers and students are using technology to keep in touch with each other, they can now share their research papers, study materials on any online storage like Dropbox, Google drive and they can simultaneously read and work on the same document. Social media mobile applications help students and teachers to interact and to give live updates to the students.


No bookcase? Not keen on carrying a hefty tome around with you everywhere? No problem, inventions like e-library help people to access lots of books sitting at home or office.
Companies like Google is working on its project of Google Library, they are talking to publishers and authors to put their books online so that everyone can read those books. Just think, tomorrow you have your chemistry exam and some of the pages of your book are torn and that was having some important chemical formula, at that time you can visit these e-libraries and read from there.

Video Games

Big gaming companies are making educational games, which help students to learn while they are playing. Educational games not just educate students, these games keep their mind active and refreshed.

Mobile Applications

Educational applications are the newest form modern education, now students can learn anywhere any time, some educational applications are preloaded with, video lectures and educational games, so that student learning from their app can access it anywhere anytime. Suppose you are solving a problem of Physics and you forgot the formula, at that time you can open the application and see the Physics formulas.
Educational mobile application like BYJU’s is one of the best mobile applications to study, as they provide complete offline study materials.

Students with special needs

Differently-abled students who cannot go to schools or colleges daily, so they can read online from internet, they can even read via video conferencing. E-books are there to help students who face problems to read books.