Tips to Make Money Through Android App Development

Making applications for the Android platform is a very big business and the profits are big enough, but only if you know the right way of app monetization. The revenues are big and this is the reason why more and more people are jumping into app development. There are millions of applications, which users can download from the play stores, but out of them very few are premium applications. This is due to the fact that people are happy with the free applications and do not want to pay money for the paid applications. When people do this app developers face huge losses because they fail to monetize android app. Here are few ways that will help you in making money.

app development monetization

Freemium applications

Freemium applications are powerful because both the developers and the users are equally benefited from this android app development. In this method, applications are free to download but will have to pay for the upgrades and features. People can download applications free full version but after some time the app will stop working and will only resume back when the users will pay for the full version. By this way both the parties are equally benefited.


StartApp is the company and the android ad network that has developed two methods for the app developers by which they can generate profits. To know more about the models, you can visit the official website of the company. There are two models by which you can make money; pay per download, the more people will download and view the app the more you will be able to generate profits. The other model is revenue in which the company shares a part of the revenue with the developers. These are the two effective ways of android monetization. To know more visit the startapp review.

Revenue through app advertisement

Application advertising is one of the ways by which you can generate profits. There are different types of ads, which you can display on the apps and games. The more views and click, the ad will get more successful android monetization. This is one of the methods which most of the developers use to make money. There are different types of ads such as push ads and icon ads and much more. All of them are having different features and provides you with a great way to make money.

App advertisement is easy and the best way to make money. To get updates and latest news about the money making apps get more information from the android news. Keeping yourself updated will help you in knowing what is going on in the market and what the demands of the customers are. You can get the latest updates by many ways. Also, register yourself on Android forums to get involved in the discussions. These are the few tips that will help you in making revenue out of your app development. If you know how to make apps than it is important to find the ways by which you can make revenue.