How to Unroot HTC Explorer A310e (Pico) and Install Stock ROM

Hopefully, this is the last tutorial (for now) in the HTC Explorer tutorials’ series. So far we’ve learnt how to unlock bootloader, get root access, flash custom ROM and increase internal memory. However, this tutorial is just the opposite of everything you’ve seen till now, it will reverse everything (not completely though). You cannot lock the bootloader again. The closest you can get is relock it. We’ll talk about it in a moment.

HTC Explorer Tutorials by Creotix Tech

Disclaimer: You will be solely responsible for any kind of damage to anyone or anything, including your phone. Follow the instructions carefully.

Things you need for unrooting HTC Explorer and installing stock ROM:

  1. A bootloader unlocked and rooted HTC Explorer A310e
  2. Stock ROM – Choose according to your country/region
  3. Stock Recovery image file
  4. A Micro-USB cable to connect phone to PC.

Step 1.

Download the ROM zip file, and paste it anywhere in the SD card without extracting. Keep the recovery image file in PC only, but paste it in the folder containing ADB and Fastboot files. If you don’t have these files, you can download them from our unlocking bootloader on HTC Explorer tutorial.

Step 2.

Now, go to recovery mode. To do so, press volume down + power button while turning on the phone, and select ‘recovery’ from bootloader menu.

highlight recovery bootloader mode

Step 3.

Do a factory reset; wipe data, system, cache, dalvik cache, and sd-ext (if exists). Now, select “install zip from SD card”, and choose the stock ROM zip file. Confirm the action, and wait for it to complete.

Step 4.

Now the phone has stock ROM. The next thing to do is, flash stock recovery. To do so, start your phone in bootloader mode, and select ‘fastboot’ from the options. Connect the phone to PC via USB.

fastboot menu

Step 5.

Open command window, and navigate to the folder where the recovery image and fastboot.exe is located. Alternatively, you can open the folder and right-click anywhere in the white space while pressing shift key. You will see an option “open command window here”, click on it to open command prompt at that location.

cmd adb fastboot folder

Step 6.

Type this command to flash stock recovery: “fastboot flash recovery rec.img” (without quotes). Here, ‘rec.img’ is the name of recovery image file. Make sure you change it if the file name is different.

fastboot flash recovery command

Step 7.

Almost there. The only thing left is, relocking bootloader. Before you unlocked the bootloader for the first time, the bootloader menu showed *** LOCKED *** at the top. After you unlocked it, it was changed to *** UNLOCKED ***. The problem is, you cannot change it back to *** LOCKED ***. Like I said in the unlocking bootloader tutorial, it’s an irreversible process. The closest you can get is, change it to *** RELOCKED ***, i.e. relock bootloader.  This might have been made this way by HTC with the intention to detect bootloader unlocked phones, as it voids the warranty.

To ‘relock’ bootloader, type “fastboot oem lock”. You should see something like this:

fastboot oem lock bootloader

That’s it. You now have stock ROM with stock recovery, and… well ‘relocked’ bootloader. Remember, I’m available to answer your questions. Just post them in comments section below.