Viewing PowerPoint Presentations in Web Browser

If you have no intentions of designing or developing a new PowerPoint Presentation, there is literally no point in purchasing it, just for the sake of viewing presentations. There are several tools which facilitate this process. However, it is now possible to view Presentations directly on your web browser.

There are several reasons to choose a viewer over Office suite, if you aren’t an avid user, you can end up wasting hundreds of dollars for that suite. The only drawback of it is, it’s hefty price tag.

Using Chrome Extension

Chrome Office Viewer, is a simple and free PowerPoint viewer extension for Google Chrome, which makes it flexibly easy to view presentations directly on your web browser itself.

ppt presentation in web browser

  • First install the Chrome Office Viewer extension, from the Chrome web store for free.
  • Restart you’re browser, Every time you want to open and view an Office file, Just drag and drop the office file, on to the browser homescreen.
  • You should now be able to see a new screen or interface.
  • It supports almost all Office files, which include Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. You do not need to install any external software or applications.

It is extremely helpful, if you do not have PowerPoint or Office suite installed. However, it’s drawback when compared to the Office suite is, it doesn’t offer editing features. It only offers read only functionality.

Using SlideOnline

SlideOnline is another free platform for webifying your PowerPoint presentation. It allows you to convert your presentations into HTML5 format, and allows browsing the presentations directly through your browser. The best part is, you can share it to other users as well.

  • Primarily, go to SlideOnline and click on ‘Upload Presentation’ button.
  • Browse where your PPT file is located on your hard-drive, and upload it.
  • Choose privacy settings, whether you want it to be private or public. Publishing it public, would give you more exposure from its directory and search engines.
  • You can provide it with a title and meta description. You will receive an email, once the conversion process completes.
  • Now, you can access the direct link to view the presentation on your browser or you can email the link to your colleagues or clients.

Converting to Video

You can convert your presentations into Video media format, and enable viewing them on mobile phones and other devices, directly on web browser itself.

  • Finalize your PowerPoint presentation and on the File tab, click on ‘Save As’.
  • Choose ‘Save as Video’ and select the format from the dropdown, name the file and Click ‘OK’.
  • The conversion process will proceed, you can see the progress of the conversion, once it finishes, you can access the video in the output URL.
  • You can then upload it either on Youtube or any other video sharing platforms for maximum exposure.

That’s it for now. Do you have more tips to share? Drop it in your comments below, and we’ll add it here!

This is a guest post by Shalini. You can also write for Creotix.