10 Best Travel Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Here are ten apps that you simply need if you are planning a holiday. Some of them are very country specific, whereas others you can use all over the globe. Most of them are free, and the ones that are paid are very comprehensive and useful, to the point of being an outright bargain buy. Each app does a different thing so the list is in no particular order.

Travel apps for iPhone iOS

1. eCurrency

ecurrency for iphone

You cannot travel without spending, and you constantly need to calculate the exchange rate or things get complicated. This app helps you calculate how much you can spend if you do not know the exchange rate. It becomes more difficult if you have to travel from one country to another and another. eCurrency will help to remove any confusion. Have eCurrency to convert your currency and it will even remember the eight currencies that you use most often.

Install eCurrency

2. FlightTrack

flighttrack for ipad

This app shows the status of all flights in real time. It can track two flights at the same time, so if you want to take connecting flights, you can follow them in turn. You flight can be seen against the satellite map, which can be zoomed in/out and viewable offline if cache is enabled. It will help you to stay warned of delays or last minute cancellations. FlightTrack will also help you to track changes at the Terminal, which is good especially when you go to welcome someone at the airport.

Install FlightTrack

3. Camera Plus

camera plus for iphone

Many people take their camera but want to share their images quickly. Camera Plus allows you to take photos and share them almost instantly. This app extends the functionality of the iPhone camera. This application offers various features that optimize your shots, and share them easily on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. These functions includes precise point zoom, Geo-location of your photos and videos, and password protection for your private photos (which you don’t want anyone to see without permission). Pro (paid) version is also available with extra features.

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4. MyAirport

myairport for ios

Contrary to what its name suggests, it is intended primarily for European airports, but is handy if you are going to Europe. Of course, you need internet/data connectivity to use the app, but the data is cached. Thus, you can access it offline even when no connection is available.

Install MyAirport

5. Google Earth

google earth for ipod touch

You can use this app to play, to see where you are, to visit places from overhead, to dream, and to predict what you will see when you get there. These are photos that reveal some aspects of our world, and link to Google Maps to locate restaurants and upcoming appointments.

Install Google Earth

6. AroundMe

aroundme travel app for ipad

With this app you can find all the services in your area such as ATM, cafes, gas stations, hospitals, Taxi stations, etc. Whenever you’re traveling to a new and unknown place, AroundMe can prove to be a time savior. You can also find something to visit nearby by categories.

Install AroundMe

7. Vocre Translate

vocre translate for ipad

This app was created because there is always a time when you have to speak the local language of the place you’re visiting. Vocre Translate supports many languages including English, Arabic, Czech, Malay, Vietnamese, Spanish, Greek, German and many more. There are two conversation modes for different purposes.

Install Vocre Translate

8. TravelTracker Pro

traveltracker pro for iphone ipad

It is an updated version of the European TravelTracker Pro and is useful for frequent travelers and those who like to be reactive. All information concerning the flights such as departure, arrival, terminal, and gate are all there for you. You may manage one or several lists related to travel such as your shopping list, luggage notes, etc. In addition, it is possible to photograph items such as receipts and invoices to link your expenses. There is a lite and cheaper version of TravelTracker Pro available too.

Install TravelTracker Pro

9. Wi-Fi Finder

wi-fi finder for ipod touch

There is a paid version (to find spots that are paid and free) and a free version (for free spots only). It has a database of 285,000 Wi-Fi spots spread over 139 countries. You can run a search via the city, zip code, or the geo-location around you. It is indeed a really helpful app, not only while you’re out of town, but in your city too.

Install Wi-Fi Finder

10. World Countries

world countries app

This app gives facts and figures for 260 countries and states in the world, including flags and quizzes, etc. It’s for people who likes to learn more about the places they visit or wish to visit. It can also help you to strike out places that doesn’t seem interesting to you.

Install World Countries

If you have these apps installed on your phone, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll struggle to find something or communicate at an unknown place. There might be some other apps, which I’ve not listed here. If you know any travel app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which can be helpful at some alien place, do let everyone know about it in your comments below.