5 Best Apps for Health & Fitness for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Those days are long gone when the only means of learning about a wholesome diet or healthful foods was through a book or via spending ages on the Internet. As things stand, a rising number of eaters are getting health conscious and keeping up with the times they are reverting to their smartphones and other portable devices to ensure healthy eating and weight management. Their planning has ensured that managing weight has become attainable, accessible and most importantly, convenient – even on the go.

apps for health fitness iphone ipad ipod touch

So, if you’re taking on diabetes, having a tough time with weight loss or merely trying to put something healthy on the table for your family meals, these are the five apps – with RD approval – that are tailor-made to make those minute – yet telling – changes that conjure long-term results. Each of the following apps for health & fitness for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch fulfill different requirements, you may need all or just a couple of them. They will tell you what your best options are, whether it be leg exercises or upper body, what to eat and if the best diet pills are for you. It depends on your life-style and health. By the way, some of them are available for Android devices too.

dLife: For Diabetes


Life with diabetes is no easy task, and one is always hankering after means to make everything a little less overwhelming – cue dLife. It is an empowering application that makes everything manageable thanks to a daily log. It is a remarkable ‘on the go’ app; it helps the user record blood sugar levels, insulin units and carb intakes. Furthermore the app simplifies the cumbersome process through the provision of click-able notes along the lines of “drank alcohol”, “skipped meal”, “missed exercise”, etc.

dLife is truly an incredible resource for anyone who lives with diabetes, and has around 9,000 recipes plus nutritional values of over 25,000 food kinds. Even so, it’s not like one has to be a diabetes patient to benefit from the app – anyone and everyone can extract value from dLife, especially those that are in need of nutrition education and a catalog of healthy, ready-made meals.

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Fooducate: For Grocery Shopping


Going through a list of ingredients is a menacing task when all one really wants is to traverse the checkout line and escape out of the supermarket swarms alive. Fooducate minimizes the stress levels that skyrocket during grocery shopping through quickly scanning the bar-codes of the products that users want and then categorizing the item from grade A to D. Fooducate is user-friendly and immensely practical and it aids the healthy consumer to come up with the items that are worth purchasing and which ones don’t quite fit the bill, quickly and effortlessly. It’s like your BlackBerry spy or Android spy for grocery shopping, depending on which platform you’re using.

Install Fooducate (Fooducate for Android)

Mindful Eating: For Healthy Mindset

mindful eating

The diet mentality is totally old school. The in thing is improving one’s relationship with food. Mindful Eating is a food logging application that makes it feasible for the user to manage weight and ensures their health by allowing the users to chronicle the experiences when mealtime arrives. Mindful Eating also has a reminder option for those of us that are forgetful, and also supports a 1 to 10 scale to gauge hunger and fullness. The scale can be used to earmark the hunger and fullness indications which help determine the ideal time to eat food.

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My Food Diary: For Weight Management

my food diary

So while you count your cards and the calories, it can be extremely stressful to maintain a food diary. My Food Diary ensures that all the hassle involved with the management of food intakes is reduced simply by equipping the users with an arsenal – a database – of 75,000 foods, 15 types of nutrients and the calorie counting ability to show the calories burned in 700 different types of physical activity. But the best thing about My Food Diary is that is ensures that the user does not hanker after changing diets ever so often, rather focuses of revamping the lifestyle towards something a lot healthier. This would also mean that the users would not be feeling guilty owing to a slow weight loss or if they add an extra couple of calories here and there. What the users would instead be doing is that courtesy of a fun, colorful and interactive app, they would keep their feet on their ground and go for a realistic, more practical and a long-lasting weight loss regime.

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Buddhify: For Big-City Meditation


Living in the busy part of a major city can result in one feeling lost and anxious, both of these feelings result in humans bonding with food for some bizarre reason. What one should do is download Buddhify and seek calm and inner peace to soothe the mind before one sits for a healthy meal. Through proper meditation before the meals and after them, the app prevents unnecessary emotional eating through encouragement of four important parts of emotional health setup: connection, clarity, stability and embodiment. As time passes you would realize that even though you still live in the loud, noisy almost chaotic part of the city and the world, there are ways to calm you down and results in prolonged happiness that comes from within.

Install Buddhify (Buddhify for Android)

If you know about any other app, which is helpful in maintaining health & fitness, do let us know about it in your comments below.

This is a guest post by James Clark.